Keeping Your Curls in Place

Keeping Your Curls in Place

One of the most popular hair styles right now is beautifully curled hair. When you take the time to curl your hair, it’s important that those curls keep their shape for a long time. The longer the better, right? We are here to teach you the best ways to keep your hair from falling flat after you’ve spent your precious time curling it.

  1. Go Light On Conditioner

Conditioner can leave your hair really soft and silky, which is awesome to the touch. However, soft and silky hair doesn’t hold curl well. Ideally, curls will stay best in 2nd or 3rd-day post-washed hair. If you must curl your hair the day you wash it though, try to go light on the conditioner. This way your hair won’t be too slippery when you’re trying to curl it.

  1. Prep Your Hair

Prep is the name of the game when it comes to curls. A mousse is a go-to hair care product to prep your for curling. Put a generous amount of mousse in your hair, working it from the root to the ends.

  1. Protect Your Hair

Next, you’ll want to use a good heat protectant to make sure your locks can withstand the heat from the tools you are going to use on them. One of our favorite products is Brocato Cloud 9 Hot Shapes Heat Protector. This will keep your hair safe and healthy while using heat to curl it.


  1. Use the Right Hair Tools

There is a big difference between cheap, drug store curling irons and a high-end hot tool. You may think that your hair is just stick-straight and won’t hold curl, when in reality you come to realize it was the curling iron all along.

Good quality curling irons usually have a tourmaline or ceramic coating which causes less damage to your hair. They also heat up better so you will apply heat for a shorter amount of time.

The recommended temperature for curing your hair is 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to use a lower temperature if you are curling extensions.

  1. Get Your Curls To Stay

One of the best ways to keep your curls from going flat is to avoid touching them or combing them out until the hair is completely cooled off. You can even pin the curl with a bobby pin pr clip to let it set before letting it lay flat.

Another important way to get your curls to stay in tact is to use a good quality hair spray that doesn’t weigh your hair down. A few of our favorites for curls are Devacurl Flexible Hold Hair Spray and Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray.


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