Discover the Best Blush to Complement Your Skin Tone

Discover the Best Blush to Complement Your Skin Tone

Once you know exactly how to find the blush that best suits your complexion you will have an easier time identifying the makeup colors that reveal the natural beauty of your personal skin tone.

Finding makeup colors that complement your natural skin tone is one of the first challenges you may have encountered when you started using makeup products. Of course, as trends, colors and seasons change, the challenge of finding the right colors for you any given time of year is one you get to negotiate many times as you experiment with different brands and varieties.

Let’s focus in on blush. The whole process of finding the right blush for your skin tone starts with understanding what kind of complexion you have. This is much more than just the predominant color of your skin; you have to look beneath that to see its undertones.

Lala Daisy has a large selection of blush colors to make finding this particular part of your makeup kit simple and fun. Browse our rich selection of shimmer, creamy, matte, pressed powder, and loose powder blushes. We even have sought-after bronzer blush highlighter products in stock and ready to ship.

Fair with Pink Undertones

If you have especially fair, pale skin with pink undertones then you want to look for colors that are unlikely to overwhelm your face. Look for colors such as:


  • Baby pink
  • Delicate pink
  • Neutral pink
  • Cool pink


Avoid colors that are too warm or bright.

Fair with Yellow Undertones

If you have yellow undertones beneath your pale skin then you can reach for warmer pinks with soft peach or gold accents. This creates a healthy, natural-looking glow.

Medium with Golden Undertones

You have a built-in bronze glow! Emphasize this trait with bronzers tinted with warm peach blush brushtones. If you can find a peach-tinted bronzer with a hint of gold, try that too. Apply with a fluffy blush brush and you are good to go.


Medium with Yellow Undertones

This is another complexion where warm colors give a glow to the face; look for rich, sandy pinks rather than the lighter warm pinks best reserved for fairer complexions.

Golden Brown

Highlight the natural heat of this complexion with neutral colors. Experiment with blushes in berry colors for something playful that retains a natural appearance. PUR Chateau Cheeks Powder Blush in Sassy might be a great fit for your skin. This is a lovely blush with great pigmentation and a lightweight feel.


Many people try to wear dark rose blushes that end up being too dark or too brown for them – that is because dark rose blushes are designed to complement olive skin most of all. Avoid any rose color that is too shadowy; this will give a harsh effect that will take away from your overall look.

Dark with Yellow Undertones

This complexion is flattered by rich, dark pinks bordering on red. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Blush comes in a Cabernet color that might be just right for you.

Dark with Red Undertones

Reach for blushes with a balance between warm and cool tones. Too warm and you might look flushed; too cool and you could look washed out. A deep, balanced color creates a radiant glow.

Shopping with Lala Daisy

Explore our amazing assortment of bronzer, blush and highlighter makeup for every complexion. You will find blush brushes, bronzers, highlighters and more from leading companies made with skin-friendly natural ingredients.

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