SPF Moisturizer, Foundation and Lips to Say Yes to Summer, No to Sun Damage

SPF Moisturizer, Foundation and Lips to Say Yes to Summer, No to Sun Damage

Summer is right around the corner. That means it is time to bust out your shorts and bikini. Yay!


While you might enjoy heading out into the great outdoors with friends, you also want to be mindful of the sun’s rays beaming down on you.


Most of us love a little tan, yet you want to be careful of sunburn, which can eventually lead to melanoma and other sun damage.


Fortunately, with an array of products from LaLa Daisy, including everything from powder SPF foundation to SPF moisturizer, you can look great while being protected from harmful UV rays.


Take a peek at our fave picks doing double duty as makeup and sun protectant that we think should be in every cosmetics bag this summer.


SPF Foundation

A fresh face starts with a solid foundation. Before applying your foundation, consider what you will be doing for the day. A different foundation should be used if you know you will be outside for hours as opposed to if you will be spending the day indoors.


Instead of applying standard sunscreen to your skin after you have all your makeup on, which can leave your skin feeling oily, try a powder foundation containing UV protection.


We love what Colorescience has done with its lightweight mineral powder SPF foundation. With a brush, you can apply the foundation all over your face that matches your natural skin tone. Your skin will be safe from the sun. Different powder foundations are available in varying levels of SPF protection.


It is certainly advantageous to invest in a good sunscreen. Most types are only meant for the skin, but you also want to acquire some lip sunscreen.


A lot of damage can occur to your lips if they are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Some of the problems you could encounter include:

lip sunscreen gloss in rose

  • Damaged collagen
  • Cold sores
  • Wrinkled lips
  • Premature aging


Lips rarely get any protection, but since they are located on the face, they are frequently exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is prudent to invest in a lip sunscreen.


Different varieties are available that are all designed to provide your lips with extra moisture so that they do not dry out after being in the sunlight. Some lip shines feature SPF and a bit of color. We like containers small enough to carry around all day and reapply as it is needed.


SPF Moisturizer

Many women wonder whether they should apply moisturizer or sunscreen first. Some people simply forego moisturizer all together because they assume they will be safe with sunscreen alone.


While SPF protection is important, you still need to be mindful of keeping your skin thoroughly moisturized. Your skin needs to be kept hydrated to be fully protected from sunlight, and most basic types of sunscreen are not going to do that.


You can get the best of both worlds by using an SPF moisturizer. These products give you two in one bottle. It keeps your skin looking youthful and vibrant while being a great way to ensure harmful UV rays are kept at bay.


Comprehensive Solutions

For the best results, it is wise to use several different products to ensure every part of your body is covered. An SPF foundation is good to use to make sure your face will not be as affected as much by the sun while the SPF lipstick keeps your lips vibrant and healthy.


As good as these items might be, you want to take other actions to protect yourself from the sun. You can wear a hat and long-sleeve clothing to limit skin exposure.


You can also limit the amount of time you spend outside when it is overly hot by taking time to get inside once in awhile. A combination of strategies is the most effective in keeping your skin protected and healthy.


Remember that some products come with SPF 15 while others go up to SPF 60. Higher does not always mean better, and the best product for you will depend on the overall sensitivity of your skin.


Take a look at the sun care products we stock for you at LaLa Daisy. Research items to see what works best for your skin. And don’t be afraid to compare our prices with other retailers’ prices. We always work hard to bring your the best price on the web.

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