Getting to Know Your Skin Type

Getting to Know Your Skin Type

Your skin is a complex organ that requires the proper care in order to look and feel its best. The first step in creating and maintaining healthy skin is to know your skin type. Here is a look at how to understand your skin’s specific needs.

What’s Normal Skin?

In the beauty world, normal skin is clear, smooth and has very few imperfections. This kind of skin has small pores and skin cells shed at a consistent rate.

Is My Skin Dry?

Without enough moisture, dry skin can look dull and uneven. This can lead to red and rough patches, cracking and peeling.

Where’s This Oil From?

Oily skin gets its shine from excess oils, fats and waxes. If you have oily skin, you probably also have to deal with larger pores that are more prone to blackheads.

Put It All Together, What Do You Get?

Combination skin, which is the most common type of skin, has areas of dryness and oiliness. The most common distribution is dry cheeks and oily forehead, nose and chin.

Common Mistakes

Skin can vary widely, but not every type has a cookie cutter solution. Take our Sensitive Skin Solution for Oily Skin; while it does contain products to remove excess oils from your face, there is also a moisturizing aspect to prevent over drying.

PCA The Sensitive Skin Solution

Getting Scientific

There’s an experiment you can perform to see if your skin is oily or dry. With a mild cleanser, wash your entire face, pat it dry and don’t put on any products for about an hour. If you can rub off oils with a light cloth, your skin is oily; but if your skin feels tight, it’s dry.

Further Experimentation

Since dry and oily skin products react to everyone’s face a little different, you may want to try a kit with multiple products. The Peter Thomas Roth Meet Your Mask Kit lets you determine the best mask for your skin.

Helping Dry Skin Shine

You can also make changes to your daily habits to help your skin. In the case of dry skin, make sure to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen anytime you go outside.

Toning Down the Shine on Oily Skin

Don’t be afraid to really get in there and scrub. Oily skin benefits greatly from a good exfoliating session. Just like dry skin, it’s also important you wear sunscreen, just opt for one that isn’t oily.

One Last Sensitive Issue

Finally, sensitive skin isn’t the end of the world. You may need to avoid extreme beauty routines, but making sure you never go to bed with makeup on and keeping moisturizer handy both go a long way toward reducing sensitivity.

Our skin care kits can help you try out different products to determine what works best for you. Look through these kits to find the best match for your skin type.

Image Skincare Vital C Travel Kit

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