Give Your Hair a Rest

Give Your Hair a Rest

Have you been using your hair mask wrong all along? Here is how to make your hair mask work for you.

Whether you put your hair through torture with dyes, heat and teasing or you keep it simple and use only the recommended shampoo and conditioner, give your hair a rest once a week or so with a nourishing hair mask. However, before you go and incorporate just any old mask into your hair care routine, select the one that is right for your hair type, and learn the best way to use a mask. Use the tips shared here to get started.

Not All Masks Are Created Equal

There are hundreds of hair care products available on today’s market, many of which are advertised as masks, so it’s important to read the label before you purchase. Many masks are actually gentle enough for daily use such as the It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask, while others work best when used just once a week, such as Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment.


In addition to deciding how often you want to use the mask, you should also determine for how long you want to have to keep the product in. Some masks require only one to two minutes of your time while others require up to 15 minutes or overnight. Find a mask that makes sense for your routine.

Aim for Once a Week

Even if your hair feels lush and strong, daily products, the sun and the environment in general can take a toll on its health. By using a hair mask packed with vitamins and minerals once a week, you can rejuvenate your hair and encourage more shine and body than you thought it was capable of.

As mentioned above, some masks require daily use, like It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask, while others require weekly or biweekly use. Be sure to check the instructions on the bottle before using so as to get the best results.

it's a 10 miracle mask

Apply It to Towel-Dried Hair

Many people don’t know how to use a hair mask properly, which is why many apply the products to wet hair. While any mask is better than no mask, you’ll see better results if you apply the product to towel-dried or even dry hair.

When you apply the mask, don’t just goop it on. Work the mask in evenly through all strands, beginning at the roots and massaging your way down to the tips.

You can optimize the effects of the mask by covering your head with a hot towel and leaving it on for 10 minutes. Doing this allows your hair to absorb the mask more easily. Before rinsing with hot water, lather your hair with cool water to lock in the moisture.

Concentrate on the Ends

Bear in mind that the ends of your locks are the oldest and so therefore need the most TLC. Pay special attention to the ends of your strands to prevent split ends and to restore dry, brittle locks.

Once the Mask Is In, Don’t Comb Your Hair

While some experts recommend combing the mask into your locks, all stress the importance of putting the comb down once the product is evenly distributed. Once on your locks, the product needs time to works its magic, which it cannot do if you’re disturbing it with a comb or brush.


Hair masks are designed to sit in your hair for a good length of time—in fact, the longer the product stays on your locks, the better. Once you apply the mask, indulge for a bit.

Read a magazine or just have a cup of coffee. Really make the most of the treatment by treating yourself as well. To best appreciate all your mask can do for your health, make it a part of your Sunday morning routine.

Shampoo and Condition After

If your hair produces a lot of moisture on its own, shampoo and condition your locks after you rinse out the mask. This extra step will remove any product and reduce the risk of your head developing build up throughout the day or week.

Sleep in Your Mask

If you have particularly dry or frizzy hair, don’t be afraid to sleep in your mask. After you get out of the shower, apply the mask as directed above and cover with a silk scarf or shower cap. Rinse your hair in the morning and go on with your day with lush, silky and healthy locks.

Ditch the Mask if Your Hair Becomes Greasy

A hair mask should make your hair feel light, silky and healthy, not heavy and greasy. If your hair feels oily after rinsing out your mask, the one you’re using is likely too thick for your hair. Find one that is designed for your hair type, whether it be curly, fine, wavy, thick, etc.

If you’re using a mask that is intended for your hair type but are still getting greasy results, you may be going about the application all wrong. Try using less product and keep it in for a shorter amount of time.

Try a DIY Mask

If you’re tight for cash and cannot afford a good hair mask, make one yourself. There are several DIY mask recipes you can use, most of which utilize ingredients you likely already have in your fridge or cupboards. For instance, there’s the avocado and olive oil mask, the coconut oil and honey mask and the egg yolk mask. Research DIY masks to find the recipe that is best for your hair type.

Remember, a Hair Mask Is a Good Investment

Though DIY masks can be effective, they’re messy and they’re no replacement for the real deal. Though you may be hesitant to spend $30 or more for a product, bear in mind that an 8oz or 16oz bottle will last you for months. Chances are you spend that much on coffee or eating out every week.

Also, a good mask can reduce the number of haircuts you will need, which saves you money, and, because it can truly work wonders on your hair, it can boost your confidence as well. Confidence is priceless and can have a positive impact on your personal and professional lives.

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