Understanding Peptides

Understanding Peptides

Before putting any cosmetic on your skin, you want to check the ingredients to see what you are actually using. Many women neglect to purchase any skin care products that contain peptides even though this is one material you can benefit from for years to come.

This ingredient is a fragment of a protein. Therefore, they are made up of amino acids. Proteins are essential building blocks to having healthy skin, so using products that contain peptides will help you immensely.

Skin cannot remain intact without these amino acids. The next time you find a product containing them, you should give it a second look. It may be the perfect product for your skin care needs.

How Do Peptides Work in Skin Care?

Your skin is made up mostly of collagen. This is a protein that consists of a long stretch of amino acids. Collagen provides the primary foundation for skin, and it gives skin its thickness.

Early in life, people have an abundance of collagen in their skin. This is why you do not see little kids with wrinkles. Over time, collagen begins to deteriorate, and this leads to the formation of fine lines.

As collagen breaks down, it creates short chains of amino acids, which are known as peptides. They provide substantial anti-aging benefits, and they can make your skin look as good as new.

Since they are made up of protein, they are completely natural. You do not have to worry about irritating your skin because it already contains these essential proteins.

How Do Peptides Create More Youthful Skin?

There are various ways your skin loses collagen. Age and environment factors play a big role, but sunlight can also deteriorate collagen prematurely. Through this, the collagen manufactures more peptides.

Essentially, this product sends a message to your skin that it is in need of more collagen because it has already lost a lot. Your body can generate more collagen, but it may not be enough to look like your more youthful self.

By using skin care products containing peptides, you essentially “trick” your skin into sending more messages. With more of the ingredient, your skin thinks it needs more collagen than it may produce otherwise.

Most people should use these types of products before their skin has formed too many wrinkles. By using it ahead of time, you make your skin produce more collagen before you actually need it. This can prevent the premature formation of fine lines, and you can look more youthful for years to come.

What Is the Most Common Peptide?

There are numerous types of peptides out there, but the most prominent in the beauty industry is Matrixyl. This is a form of neuropeptide that is incredibly effective at reducing fine lines.

Research has shown it is extremely effective at treating adverse skin conditions, such as dermatitis and eczema. There are no side effects reported for Matrixyl, and research suggests it can help repair wounds.

What Products Should You Use Alongside Peptides?

Peptides are simply one component to having healthier skin. You should look for other ingredients in your skin care products, so you have a multi-pronged approach to looking more youthful.

Ideally, your routine will also consist of antioxidants. They work to neutralize all free radicals in your skin and body, which can help prevent future oxidative damage. This damage forms due to air pollution, excessive UV rays and various other environmental factors.

You want to make sure your products contain other skin-replenishing and skin-soothing substances. There are many reasons why your skin has deteriorated, and you probably do not know what the culprit is fully. By attacking aging from all angles, you can be confident you will enjoy better-looking skin in no time.

What Products Contain Peptides?

You should never feel at a loss for what products to use to enhance your skin. There are numerous products that contain peptides, and you can find many of them with LaLa Daisy.

Image Skincare Ormedic Bio Peptide Creme delivers vitamins and other essential properties directly to your skin. It consists of grape seed, aloe vera, chamomile and organic Japanese green tea. It balances out your skin, and you will feel hydrated and refreshed after each use.

Image Skincare


Anyone wanting to take advantage of Matrixyl should try out Glo Skin Beauty Super Serum. It contains a 3 percent blend of Matrixyl 3000 to help repair any cell damage. It also has Retinol, which helps improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Glo Skin Beauty

What Should You Do Next?

You can find the perfect skin care products for your face with LaLa Daisy. Thanks to the power of peptides you can look a decade younger in no time.

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