Hot Festival Beauty Looks You’ll See Everywhere & How to DIY

Hot Festival Beauty Looks You'll See Everywhere & How to DIY

Now that festival season is underway, and more warm weather events are around the corner, feel free to embrace the hot new festival beauty looks you will see everywhere this summer. Here are makeup tips for dazzling eyes to how to use bronzer to achieve the complete boho festival look to boho your beauty regimen.

Start With a Strong Foundation

When you are outside for long periods of time you will want to be sure to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. This is where mineral powder foundation with SPF 20 comes in. The long-lasting coverage of the foundation gives you a smooth, natural look and also helps your skin to stay hydrated which is important when you are out in the hot sun.

The Eyes Have It

Beautiful and dramatic eyes are a major feature of festival looks. Make sure to prime your eyelids before applying any eye shadows so the lid area has a smooth base that will grab onto shadow and last a long time without creasing. Next, choose a base shade for your eye look and apply it all over your eyelids and up to your brow line. This shadow can be anything from flesh-toned to light and shimmery. This color will provide a neutral base to the dominant color you want to emphasize.

Highlight and Shimmer

Add a highlighter to the inside corner of each eye to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Now take your dominant color, whether it is a rich brown, shimmery gold, or deep red, and apply to the center of each eyelid, blending it out at each eyelid’s crease. Afterward, apply this same shadow color along the lower lashes. To deepen the look even more, add a dark brown shade on the outer corner of each eyelid just below the brow bone and blend into the base shadow.  

After applying all of the shadow, you are ready to line your eyes. This look calls for a bold black line created with a creamy liner. Finally, pump up the volume on your lashes with volumizing mascara to finish the look.

Shine On

Bronzer helps you achieve a healthy color without having to damage your skin with UV rays. Bronzer is also the key to contouring to emphasize your cheekbones and shape your nose. When you know how to use bronzer, you will be able to create several different looks with just one product.

Natural bronzer can give your face a healthy glow and can be used more liberally for dramatic shimmery highlights around the outer cheekbone areas. Bronzer can also be dusted all over your body to extend your glowing look.

Pack Light

With its compact carrying case and two included brushes, the Colorescience Pro Beauty On the Go Palette is the perfect festival companion. The different hues in the palette can be used as eyeshadows, bronzers, and highlighters. The spectrum of shades ranging from light to dark can be used anywhere on your face to create as dramatic of a look that you want.

With this color palette, you can create everything from highlighted eye looks to bronzed and contoured features with these handy pigments. Having a variety of packable colors along for the ride makes it easy to do touch ups while on the go.

Set to Forget

The simple act of spraying on some setting mist can be the answer to keeping your look together all day and night. Your volumizing mascara will stay on all day along with your mineral powder foundation and bronzer.

Setting mist is also a handy tool to turn eyeshadow into a liner to create a smoky eye. It can be a challenge to get makeup to last a long time under changeable outdoor conditions, but rub your eyeshadow onto a liner brush, spray mist, and apply the wet shadow as a liner on your eyes.

Dramatic looks are a big part of the festival experience. Have fun creating a beautiful boho look with bold eyes and bronzed skin!

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