Application Tips for Mastering Barely-There Foundation

Application Tips for Mastering Barely-There Foundation

Less is definitely more when it comes to your foundation’s appearance. No matter how dramatic or toned-down the rest of your look, a natural-appearing foundation brings out your skin’s best qualities while smoothing over flaws.

So how do you apply a foundation layer sturdy enough to hide zits and uneven skin without ending up with the dreaded caked-on look?

The answer lies in using the right tools to achieve the right techniques. From the best makeup sponge for liquid foundation to brushes and concealer, LaLa Daisy provides you with the top-quality beauty essentials to help you achieve perfect, glowing skin.

Choosing the Right Foundation

Foundation can be a tricky item to get right. Selecting makeup that matches your skin tone, including undertones, can help you avoid unsightly contrasts between your face and your foundation.

Next, a high-quality product is a must for getting the natural, dewy complexion you want. Inferior foundations can dry your skin and cause your makeup to flake and peel. Look for makeup that includes hydrating ingredients that nourish your skin and keep it soft through a whole day of wear. Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation ranks among LaLa Daisy’s choice of best mineral foundation makeup that looks as great at the end of the day as it did when you first applied it.

Liquid foundations tend to be easier to blend and provide a good surface if you want a layer of powdered foundation on top for additional coverage. Powder foundations, depending on the formulation, can add a mattifying or highlighting effect.

Be sure to choose a foundation that matches your skin type. Remember that you need moisturizing even if you have normal or oily skin. Natural, good-quality ingredients tend to cause fewer skin irritations, but be sure to check for specific ingredients you know you are sensitive to.

How to Apply Foundation

Once you have selected the foundation that is right for you, it is time to think about how you will apply it. Whether you have developed your own preferences for application techniques or are still perfecting your technique, the following tips can help you put on your foundation easily and effectively.

Forget disposable cotton puffs and pads that waste your pricey makeup and leave bits of fluff sticking to your face. Instead, try a reusable sponge applicator to achieve a natural look with minimal effort.  

For the best makeup applicator, makeup artists often recommend the Beauty Blender. This simple-seeming, inventive sponge makes it easy to apply your foundation in a smooth, even layer. Better still, the Beauty Blender’s unique material stops it from absorbing the product, thus cutting down on waste. You can use a Blender to apply all types of foundation makeup, including powders, liquid foundations, cream makeup and more.  

Using a Beauty Blender is simple:

  • Apply water to the sponge to get it wet
  • Get rid of extra water by wrapping the Blender in a towel and squeezing
  • Dab some foundation on – a little will do – and brush gently over your face

That’s it! You can also use a Blender to apply subtle layers of product and perfect your look.

With the right tools at your disposal, natural beauty is yours with the wave of a brush and a blender. LaLa Daisy makes it easy for you by offering a wide array of top brand, quality products for a variety of skin types. Go on and glow.

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