How to Pack Your Beauty Bag

How to Pack Your Beauty Bag

When you are traveling, there are a few beauty essentials that you want to make sure you have packed in your makeup bag. We are here to give you the must-bring items to take with you.

Lip Balm

This one may seem simple, but how many times do you find yourself out of the house or out of town with dry lips and only lipstick? You want to make sure you bring a lip balm that will hydrate those lips in any climate so that you are prepared.

Face Moisturizer

Skin care is still important while vacationing. When traveling, you want to make sure you bring along a good moisturizer for your face. It’s such an important part of your beauty routine, providing hydration to the skin and keeping your face feeling nice and refreshed.

Dry Shampoo

One of the best parts of vacation is relaxing, but vacations can also be busy while you are out adventuring. Since you never know when you’ll have time to wash and style your hair, Dry Shampoo is a must while traveling. If your day doesn’t allow extra time for doing your hair, throw some dry shampoo in and call it good.

Neutral Lipstick

Chances are when you pack your outfits, you may not want to match a lipstick shade with each set of clothing you take. Bringing along a lipstick color that will look great with whatever you decide to wear that day is the perfect way to simplify. Also, choosing a lipstick that provides some hydration is always a good idea for traveling in case the climate dries out your lips.

Whatever your traveling beauty needs are, LaLa Daisy has the products that you’ll want to take along with you. Shop today to get the best brands at amazing prices!

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