How to Use Color Correction Makeup for Holiday Looks

How to Use Color Correction Makeup for Holiday Looks

For a holiday party, get-together, dinner, or celebration, sometimes you need to step up your face game. Whether it’s a bright red lip or smoky eyes, you want a special makeup look for special holiday occasions.

However, when you’re going glam with your makeup, your base needs to be flawless because, otherwise, makeup that pops will also emphasize any redness, acne, dark circles, or other imperfections.

Here is how to rock bold makeup for holiday looks – by starting with even-toned, flawless skin. How do you achieve this? By using color correction makeup.

Things to Remember About Color Correcting

A full face of makeup isn’t for everyday wear. Most people don’t like feeling as if they have a mask on, or looking too heavily done-up.

As such, full coverage makeup and color correcting (besides spot treating or taking care of one or two concerns in your daily routine) are made for those special nights when a full face of makeup is totally acceptable, and will make you feel glamorous.

How to Achieve Flawless Skin for Your Next Holiday Soiree

1. Skip Products with Lighter Coverage

Light coverage is not what we’re going for – it will not adequately blend on top of color correcting concealer in colors like green or orange. In fact, even the best tinted moisturizer will be too sheer for color correcting. Instead, here are the type of good skin care products you’ll need to achieve that perfect base for bright lipstick, winged eyeliner, or a dramatic smoky eye:

  • A foundation with medium, buildable coverage that perfectly matches your skin tone
  • A blending sponge or Beauty Blender
  • Color correction makeup like a palette of concealers, such as the glominerals Corrective Camouflage Kit

2. Blend Colors to Get Your Perfect Shade

Color correcting concealer palettes were made for blending, and many contain flesh tones you can layer over the top of corrector shades. You can even mix them with your normal concealer or foundation to better match your skin tone.

3. Use the Right Technique

Color corrector can be applied before or after foundation or concealer. It all depends on the flaws you’re trying to cover.

If you don’t need much correction, you can mix color correcting concealer with your normal concealer to get a tone that will more easily cover dark circles, dullness, or redness.

If you need fuller coverage, first lay down a light layer of color correction where you need it (not all over your face – for instance, green on redness, lavender on sallow patches, pink/peach on dark circles), and then gently pat foundation over the top with a stippling motion.

Color Correction Makeup in Action: How to Cover Redness

There are two main types of redness that you may want to cover up for a big night out. The first is redness associated with acne and irritated skin. The second is all-over redness, such as rosacea.

Covering Acne

To cover acne, start with an all-over application of a buildable foundation that matches your skin tone. This evens everything out and preps your skin for more precise coverage for red or inflamed zits.

Next, go in with a creamy green concealer with a small, flat brush, and only apply it over red spots. Stipple it on gently; don’t swipe, as this will irritate skin further.

Finally, grab your regular concealer and gently tap it over the green color corrector. Blend it out for a natural, even finish. Set with powder and you’re done!

Covering All-Over Redness

All-over redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead needs a different approach.

The first step here is to apply a light layer of a creamy green concealer with your fingers over all red areas. Then, go in with medium-coverage foundation and apply all over the face, blending gently. If this is enough coverage for you, you can stop here and set with powder. If there is still some redness showing through, pat on some of your regular concealer in those areas, then set with powder.

Achieving a flawless face for bold makeup and holiday parties is easy with the right products. For a fantastic selection of top products, check out LaLa Daisy.

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