Mastering the No-Makeup, Makeup Look

Mastering the No-Makeup, Makeup Look

While a strong red lip or dramatic eyes have a time and place, sometimes when it comes to your makeup, less is more. If you’re tired of caking on heavy foundation and you want to embrace your natural beauty, try these low-key tips for an effortless, dewy look.

Step 1: Clean and Protect

Your face is your palette and the key to achieving the perfect no-makeup look is taking care of your skin. Any makeup routine should begin with a gentle wash and exfoliation followed by a layer of protective sunscreen.

Step 2: Moisturize

Dry, unhappy skin can cause a host of problems including redness or itchiness. A deep moisturizer will restore your natural pH balance and help you achieve the coveted dewy sheen.

Give your skin a drink and try Glamglow Volcasmic Instant Matte Glow. This product pulls double duty moisturizing and priming your skin. This water-based formula is lightweight and has volcanic minerals with natural absorbing power.


Use a pea size amount and gently pat the moisturizer into your skin using circular motions. This action will further help plump your skin and stimulate your capillaries for a subtle, healthy flush.

Step 3: Apply Water-Based Foundation

A lot goes into choosing your foundation. You want a comfortable consistency, a formula with staying power and the right shade to match your skin tone.

You can also take this opportunity to add an extra moisturizing hack: a water-based formula.

This type of foundation is ideal for several reasons. First, they are hydrating giving you an additional moisture boost. Second, they are lightweight allowing your skin to breathe. Last, a water-based foundation looks as though it’s part of your natural skin, so you don’t need to worry about the dreaded caked-on look.

At LaLa Daisy we like Dermablend Cover Foundation Crème SPF 30. Light with a velvet finish, this product lasts up to 16 hours. Apply to clean fingers or a Beauty Blender and gently layer on your skin until you reach the desired shade.

Dermablend Cover Foundation

Step 4: Cream Tints

Since the goal of this look is to achieve a barely-there after facial glow, it is best to go easy with the rest of your products. Creams for cheeks, lips and eyes give you a splash of color but look as though they melt into the contours of your skin.

To get the most bang for your buck, look for hybrid cheek and lip chubbies or compacts in warm colors such as pink or peach. These colors give you a natural rosiness that is soft and sexy.

To apply, blend a line of cream onto your cheekbones. Add a little to your lips as though you were applying lip balm.

Step 5: Easy on the Eyes

A dramatic eye is perfect for the red carpet but doesn’t work as well for a trip to the grocery store or lounging at the beach.

A quick swipe of mascara or a line of soft, brown eyeliner on your top lid is really all you need for gorgeous, low-maintenance eyes.

Step 6: Set and Forget

Once you’ve got your makeup on lock, it’s time for the final step: setting for an all-day hold. Even with this lightweight look you want to ensure that it stays put. A setting powder can keep your products in place without weighing you down.

Dermablend Compact Setting Powder is a LaLa Daisy favorite. This product helps smooth out blemishes and offers a translucent matte finish that lasts up to 16 hours.

The best part? Like the other products we’ve recommended, this setting powder is ultra-hydrating ensuring that your skin is radiant all-day long.

The no-makeup look isn’t as simple as rolling out of bed. Check us out at LaLa Daisy, where we have the foundation, and other makeup products, you need to achieve this natural, effortless glow.

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