Promote Healthy Nails With Simple Strategies

Promote Healthy Nails With Simple Strategies

When was the last time that you really took a close look at your fingernails? If you are like some of us, you might simply avoid looking too closely at them at all. Fingernails are actually important indicators of overall health and wellness and will reflect the state of your skin health in particular. Taking care of the skin on your hands means also giving some attention to your fingernails. After all, there is little reason in improving your hands if your nails are ignored! These simple strategies will help you boost the appearance and health of your nails and cuticles.

Be Careful When You Cut

Cutting your nails is often the first step towards using an emery board or other shaping implement. High quality nail cutters easily snip away snags and overgrown length. However, all this cutting can sometimes damage nails and leave them feeling rough instead of smooth even after they have been polished.

For best results, use a nail cutter just after finishing a bath or shower. The warm water softens your nails and makes them more pliable and less prone to damage. Cutting your nails when they are in their normal firm state can stress the tissues and lead to tiny breaks and splits.

Don’t forget to protect your nails to keep them looking great every day. Gelish Polygel Soft White is one of our most popular nail protecting products. 

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Use a Moisture-Rich Hand Lotion 

Even though the skin on your hands might feel nice and soft, your lotion may not be doing its job if it leaves your nail cuticles dry and flaking. The cuticles are a thin band of specialized tissue that supports and protects the growing nail. If the cuticle skin gets too dry it can lead to several problems including:

  • Thick, broken cuticle skin
  • Dry or flaking cuticle skin
  • Hangnails
  • Split skin
  • Pain, redness, or swelling

If these problems sound familiar, you are not alone! Cuticle problems are very common and can be the result of not using a really good hand lotion or from using a soap that tends to dry out your hands. Reach for a lotion like Thymes Hand Cream Aqua Correline that is packed full of skin-saving ingredients like seaweed extract. When applying, be sure to rub lotion around the cuticles so that every inch of your hands receive the full healing benefit. If sun spots are also a concern, try a great cream like Image Iluma Intense Lightening Hand Crème. This is perhaps the best anti aging hand cream currently available.

Another very popular and affordable hand cream is It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle  Intensive Hand Cream

Speak With a Dermatologist

If you have rough, discolored nails, nails that show irregular growth, or other unusual symptoms you should speak with a dermatologist. These doctors can do much more than just help you with skin problems – they also deal with disorders and health concerns related to hair and nails. Sometimes an injury can cause abnormal nail behavior, as can various infections. Your dermatologist can identify what might be causing these problems and give you guidance on correcting them. In some cases, a prescription strength product may be recommended. This is a great way to get personalized guidance regarding skin and nail health.

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