The Skin-Friendly Natural Ingredients You Need to Know About

The Skin-Friendly Natural Ingredients You Need to Know About

Any trip to a beauty salon or specialty department store will put you face to face with a stunning assortment of beauty products labeled as containing healthy natural oils that boost skin and hair health. What exactly do these oils and other ingredients do? Can you really feel confident in products that include them? As a leading supplier of premium beauty and sensitive skin care products, LaLa Daisy selects items from companies known for using top-quality natural ingredients. Some of our natural favorites include hand and body soaps from L’Occitane, which are filled with great substances that speed healing and relief to dry, tired skin.

Many highly-regarded natural skin care products make use of these renowned ingredients to heal and restore skin’s natural youthful suppleness and glow. The next time you are shopping for lotion, toner, salves, or other rejuvenating products, watch for these special miracle workers.

Green and Black Tea Extracts

Green tea extract has been found in many different products, such is its reputation for restoring the skin. Black tea extract is also sometimes seen in products; both varieties of tea come from the same plant so you are enjoying the same spectrum of healing properties with only slight variation on the molecular level.

The caffeine found in tea and certain other botanicals is sometimes leveraged to create toners and other facial care products that tighten and firm delicate skin, such as tissue found around the eyes. Although you are not likely to find green tea extract in your favorite color correction makeup, you can certainly find a range of toners and creams that contain this miracle ingredient. A very popular eye cream containing green tea is Eye Balm by Skincando. Many Skincando products contain green tea as well as several other of the ingredients on this list.  

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Many ingredients derived from citrus fruits are found in top beauty products. These fruits are packed with antioxidants that fight back against the free radicals in your body. Free radicals are related to the aging process, so using products with antioxidant ingredients in them can help counter the effect of these substances. Grapefruit seed extract is associated with this anti-aging property, so you are likely to find it in many toners and other anti-aging facial care products. In fact, this property is so highly valued that grapefruit seed is used in top products like EltaMD AM Therapy Moisturizer, one of the best anti-aging creams on the market today.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Many of the most beneficial oils come from various seeds, including the kernel found deep inside the tough pit of an apricot. These kernels are collected and then refined to extract the nutrient-rich oil inside. This oil is then added to high quality skin products to deliver a high potency dose of healing, enriching natural substances.

Your First Source for Premier Skin Care Products

LaLa Daisy is pleased to offer customers an exceptional selection of health and beauty produced picked especially for their natural, potent spectrum of ingredients. The next time you see items like these listed on a bottle, you can feel confident you are looking at a great item.

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