We Tested How to Draw Fake Freckles and This Is What We Learned

We Tested How to Draw Fake Freckles and This Is What We Learned

One of the latest beauty trends that is making its presence known on numerous YouTube tutorials is faux freckles. Designed to give your face a youthful appearance without exposing it to harsh UV rays that could damage your skin and cause premature aging, this look doesn’t have to be difficult to master.

It can help you disguise age spots, or give the illusion that you aren’t wearing as much makeup by making your skin appear fresher. With the right tools and a little practice, you too can create the illusion that your skin is genetically blessed. Read about three ways to draw fake freckles to get ideas on which technique will work best for you.

  1. Dot Them on Individually

One of the most popular application methods, this technique gives you the most control over the placement of your freckles. While this approach is best accomplished with a pencil of some type, which kind of makeup you use to achieve the look is up to you.

Most people use an eyebrow liner or eyebrow pencils. Some people think the best brow pencil is the Glominerals precision eyebrow pencil, while others argue for the Billion Dollar Brows universal brow pencil because it is self-sharpening.  

Billion Dollar Brow

When creating your freckles, it can be best not to keep the pencil too pointed as it can make the dots look too uniform and natural freckles are more irregular. The only downside to this technique is that it can be time consuming if you want a whole face full of freckles.

  1. Use a Beauty Sponge

If you want to add quite a few fake freckles and don’t have time to create them one at a time, a beauty sponge and eyebrow gel can be used to create patches of freckles. Make sure you are using a sponge with large pores so the freckles don’t get too small or clumped together.

Paint a tiny bit of the gel over a small area of the beauty sponge and lightly dab the sponge across the areas you want to appear freckled. This technique can save you some time once you master it, but it may take you a few tries to get the hang of this kind of application.

  1. Employ the “Splatter Paint” Technique

For smaller freckles or a more random arrangement, you can use a small brush to scatter spots of eyebrow powder over your face. These freckles are the most likely to smudge and the most difficult to blend into your foundation, so this method should only be used if you are planning on staying indoors and not touching your face. It also helps if the brush is just slightly damp so you don’t end up with a puff of color all in one place.

Regardless of which method you choose, the real trick to making faux freckles look more authentic is to blend them into your concealer. A cream concealer usually works the best, and you should use a blending sponge as your fingers are more likely to smear the freckles.

Beauty Blender

Unless you are a professional when it comes to applying makeup, you may want to try just adding a few light ones to start and adding more when you feel more comfortable that you know what you’re doing. Another trick to creating faux freckles that look natural is to use two different colors of brown makeup.

This adds dimension and seems more real since real freckles usually appear in varying shades. To find the right color brown, try using pigments that are a lighter shade than your hair.

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