Beat the Heat with Heat Styling Protectors

Beat the Heat with Heat Styling Protectors

It’s entirely possible to enjoy the summer season without suffering from the heat damage beaming from the sun that can make you feel like you’re sitting underneath a salon dryer chair. LaLa Daisy offers premium hair salon products designed to protect your hair from blazing hot temperatures so it can look its absolute best.

Soak Up the Heat

What’s so great about LaLa Daisy’s best-selling damaged hair remedies is they contain ingredients capable of soaking up the heat like a sponge. The AG Hair Firewall sprays on a barrier that keeps heat from damaging your hair.

Instead, you’ll have luxurious locks that feel, look and move like strands of silk. No matter how hot it gets, your hair is guaranteed to look even hotter.

Keep Moisture Right Where It Is

One of the reasons heat is so harmful to your hair is because it sucks out all the moisture your hair needs to be at its healthiest. With the AG Hair Deflect, you don’t have to worry about moisture going anywhere, because it’s bound into your hair with the help of Abyssinian oil.

AG Hair Deflect

Another great thing about this particular product is you don’t have to wait as long for your hair to dry after washing it, allowing you to get on with your day rather than wait around waiting to style your hair.  

Give Your Hair the Nourishment It Needs to Thrive and Look Alive

As you use LaLa Daisy’s hair salon products to protect your hair from the heat, be sure you don’t neglect to infuse your hair with the nutrients it needs to look fantastic no matter the temperature.

LaLa Daisy thermal shine protectants are designed to both safeguard your hair from the effects of the heat, and give it a glossy finish that rivals the brightness of the sun. Now you can get a professional salon look without spending professional salon money.

Texture and Tenacity

For hair that looks good from sunup to sundown and beyond, all while beating back the harsh effects of the heat, look no further than the AG Hair Beach Bomb formula. After every treatment, you’ll leave your hair wonderfully voluminous and well-moisturized thanks to the added amino acids and keratin proteins. Even better is the fact that your hair smells of fresh coconut after applying Beach Bomb cream.   

Turn Down the Heat on Damaged Hair

If your hair has already suffered heat damage, you and your locks are covered there as well. The Keratin Complex Intelligent Blow-Dry set comes with a clarifying shampoo, hair treatment and extension balm. Using them in combination, you’ll work your hair back into a healthy state, one that’s refreshed, clarified and repaired.

Keratin Complex Intelligent Blow Dry System

What’s more is the combination product works its way deep into your hair to continue treating it and bringing out its best. The formula actually turns the heat to your favor and uses it to revitalize your hair, lasting as many as three months.

Nothing But the Best Ingredients for the Best Results

It makes no difference which of the above products you choose to protect your hair from the heat; they’re all made with organic and healthy products. It makes little sense for your hair to look excellent if you have to worry about potentially harmful ingredients; ingredients that might also be bad for the environment.

LaLa Daisy is committed to only offering hair care products made with such natural ingredients as coconut oil, aloe vera, white willow bark and chamomile. You won’t find parabens, salt or DEA listed on our bottles or in your hair after using our products.

Be sure you don’t step out of the house during the hottest months of the year without protection for your hair. Check out LaLa Daisy’s extensive offering of products to keep your cool and your style.    


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