Applying Eyeliner to Match Your Eye Shape

Applying Eyeliner to Match Your Eye Shape

We love a good eyeliner at LaLa Daisy (and great makeup in general). With just a few expert strokes, you can have standout eyes that add drama to any look and are bound to turn heads. The right eyeliner look will accentuate your natural beauty and complement the shape of your eyes and face. Here’s how you can create an eyeliner look that’s perfect for your eye shape, no matter what that shape may be.


Figuring out Your Eye Shape


If you haven’t really thought about the shape of your eyes, the first step is to examine them and decide what the most prominent characteristics of your eyes are. Many people have eyes that are either closely set, meaning the distance between them is smaller than one eyes’ width, or widely set, meaning the there is more than one eyes’ distance between them. Other common types include:


  • Eyes that are slightly smaller
  • Eyes that protrude slightly
  • Monolidded eyes
  • Deep-set eyes
  • Hooded eyes


Most of these are fairly self-explanatory but a few aren’t as straightforward. Monolidded eyes have a very subtle crease. On the contrary, hooded eyes have an exaggerated crease and skin that protrudes slightly over the eyelid. 


Using Eyeliner to Accentuate Your Eyes


When applying eyeliner to make the most of whatever eye type you have, remember that your general approach should be to accentuate the best attributes of your eyes. For example, with widely set eyes, your goal is to apply eyeliner that makes them look slightly closer together. You can accomplish this with eyeliner applied starting from the very inner edges of your eyes.


Monolidded ladies can do a lot with their eye makeup. This eye shape looks especially gorgeous with a soft eye makeup look or with a tightlining look, which can be accomplished by applying mascara as close to the eye as possible. People with hooded eyes can also benefit from a closely applied line of eyeliner. It’s also good to choose smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner if you have this eye type. This will prevent eyeliner from smearing on your upper lids and keep your eye makeup looking like you just applied it.


For smaller eyes, the goal is to brighten them up as much as possible. Heavy eyeliner looks don’t work quite so well for this eye type. Instead, try a touch of white or shimmery eyeliner or a delicate cat’s eye or winged eyeliner look with a liquid product. People with larger, slightly protruding eyes are lucky because they have a lot of space to work with to create a gorgeous look. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your eyeliner on both the top and bottom edges of your eye if this is your eye type. 


If you’re looking for a mascara to accomplish your perfect look, you’ll love the Blinc eyeliners we carry at LaLa Daisy. Blinc’s products include ultrathin applicators and can create no-smudge look that lasts all day but is easy to remove when you’re ready. We carry black and brown Blinc eyeliners in both pencil and liquid form. While you’re at it, check out the rest of our makeup selection and find the right products to complete your look.

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