Here is What You Can Expect From Firming Creams

Here is What You Can Expect From Firming Creams

Firming creams are among some of the most popular facial skin care products on the market because they promise to take care of your skin in ways that seem almost too good to be true. They are also well-known for being very hit-or-miss with their results, with some critics claiming that firming creams do not actually work as a class and others warning consumers to be on the lookout for knock-off products with formulations that just do not make sense.

The fact is that firming creams are much like any other advanced skin care products. They do have value, and they give you their best results when they are used on combination with other products that help to provide well-rounded skin care. The reason it can be so hard to trust them, though, is because often the claims they make are beyond what is possible for any facial skin care products.

Steering Clear of Problem Formulations

To make sure your firming cream or other anti-aging skin care products are going to be able to deliver on their claims, you need to make sure they actually use the most effective ingredients for their aims. That way, it will be easier to be sure that they will deliver the smoothing, firming results that you expect.

  • Retinol or other retinoids
  • Antioxidants
  • Alpha hydroxy acids
  • Nianicamide

These ingredients are the ones that are shown to actually smooth skin, and they restore the balances of nutrients your body needs to keep your face looking healthy and youthful. The reason that advanced skin care products rely on them is simple: these ingredients provide the nutrients and compounds that your body makes to rejuvenate skin, so they are able to actually compensate for the way that the production of these compounds falls off later in life.

 Realistic Expectations

There is no cream or product, no matter how advanced that will actually fully eliminate wrinkles by simply smoothing them away. There are, however, a large number of facial skin care products that will firm the skin and smooth it, some of which are sold as firming creams with more realistic claims and some of which are used sold under other names, but that do the job remarkably well.

The thing to remember about facial rejuvenation is that it is a process. Your best facial skin care regimen will produce slow gains over time, and it is through the regular maintenance of that regimen that continuous improvement is made. That means that if you are healthy and you find the right products, you can significantly reduce lines and wrinkles. It just takes time, and regular application.


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Every item on that list contains ingredients from the list of effective anti-aging agents above, but remember! Whether you add the antioxidant sunscreen above or not, using a mineral sunscreen is a vital protective step in any facial skin care regimen. Add one to your routine if you don’t use it already.

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