Body Butter vs. Lotion: What’s the Difference?

Body Butter vs. Lotion: What's the Difference?

There is no doubt about it – having healthy, moisturized skin is important. Healthier skin ages more slowly and gives off a youthful appearance, and in the world of skincare, consumers have two primary skin moisturizing products to choose from – body butter and lotion. Learn more about the body butter vs. lotion debate below.

Body Lotion – The Lightweight Moisturizer

Body lotion is a moisturizer composed primarily of a mixture of water, oil, and a preservative. Lotions are relatively light in weight, and they can be applied to the face, body and other body parts.

Lotion is the best choice for individuals who desire a light moisturizer that won’t clog pores or feel heavy and greasy, and there are countless brands to choose from. They are also fairly low in price, ranging from a few dollars to more than $30 for premium luxury brands.

Lotion’s light weight comes from its water-based composition. Although many consumers crave this light feel, lotion does not moisturize the skin or stay on as long as other types of moisturizers.

As mentioned above, every lotion must include some type of oil. High-priced oils like argan and hemp are found in premium brands, while soybean, olive, and coconut oils are found in less expensive lotions.

Lotion is unique in its composition, primarily because it is composed of oil and water (two ingredients that do not mix easily). To help the water and oil molecules in lotion bind together, manufacturers include an ingredient known as an emulsifier.  

As time progresses, the water contained in the lotion will become prone to bacteria and mold. To prevent this, manufacturers include a preservative to extend the life of the lotion – all lotions must include a preservative.

Body lotions can provide a wealth of benefits to consumers, including the following:

  • Lotion’s most popular benefit is its ability to rehydrate dry, rough, and irritated skin. It does this by sealing in moisture, which is an extremely useful trait in cold and windy environments.

  • Not everyone’s skin is the same texture, and even individuals with normal or oily skin may periodically notice rough patches of skin. This is normal, and by applying lotion regularly, you can prevent these rough patches from occurring.

  • In addition to rehydrating dry skin, the vast majority of lotions offer a pleasant or neutral scent that is appealing to the senses. Popular scents include lavender, cherry blossom, aloe vera, and cucumber.

  • Calluses can not only be unsightly, but painful as well. Applying lotion can make the dead skin around the impacted area far easier to remove on your own.

  • Many people apply lotions during massages. The smooth sensation of the lotion combined with its pleasant scent can have a relaxing effect after a long, stressful day at work.

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Improve the Health of Your Skin With Body Butter

Body butter, much like lotion, moisturizes the skin and provides it with a healthy, firm appearance. However, unlike the thin, lightweight consistency offered by body lotion, many users of body butter prefer its thick consistency.

As its name implies, body butter has a consistency close to that of actual butter, and most have a stronger and longer-lasting scent than lotion. Unlike lotions, body butters do not contain water, and are instead manufactured from a combination of essential butters and oils, which gives the butter most of its moisturizing properties.

Essential butters give body butters their unique consistency, and they are composed of a variety of minerals and fats extracted from natural ingredients such as cocoa, shea, and palm. Some manufacturers integrate other (non-natural) additives into their butters to give them additional properties.

Like other moisturizers, body butters help skin retain moisture and absorb nutrients. Due to their thick consistency, some body butters can leave an oily barrier on the surface of the skin after application.

Many people prefer body butters over other types of moisturizers. Body butters can provide individuals who crave healthy, supple skin with the following benefits:

  • Body butters actually create a protective barrier around the skin, protecting it from dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This protective barrier also seals in a significant amount of moisture and prevents the skin from drying out too quickly.

  • As mentioned above, body butters seal in moisture longer than other types of moisturizers. This makes them ideal for anyone suffering from extremely dry skin.

  • Body butters can provide some anti-aging benefits, and many brands contain antioxidants. They can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

  • Vitamins C, A and E can often be found in many brands of body butters, as well as omega-3s, which have been known to fight inflammation. All these vitamins contribute to soft, healthy skin.

  • Body butters are considered food grade items. This means they can be purchased in bulk and stored for years on end – without losing their moisturizing properties.

If you want a luxury body butter that smells divine and leaves your skin feeling incredible, 24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter by Peter Thomas Roth may be just what you need. In addition to a myriad of vitamins and minerals, this body butter also includes traces of real gold to boost your skin’s natural glow.

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Skin Cream – The Great Compromise

Skin cream exhibits a consistency that is halfway between body lotion and body butter. Creams contain many of the same ingredients as body butters, but like lotions, they include water and other additives.

Skin creams are often whipped, and they are recommended for individuals with dry skin. They seal in moisture longer than lotions but not quite as long as butters, so they are great if you live in a colder, drier climate.

If you want to slow down the aging process, try treating your skin to Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream. Infused with peptides and a variety of fruit extracts, this Intensive Nourishing Cream has been scientifically proven to improve the elasticity and firmness of skin.


Body Oils and Their Properties

Body oils are highly concentrated oils that moisturize and improve the appearance of skin. Many oils are organic in nature, and they are usually extracted from leaves, roots, fruits, and even flowers.

Body oils, like body butters, tend to stay on the skin longer than lotions, so they are better for individuals with naturally dry skin. However, unlike body butters, most oils do not leave a noticeable, oily barrier on the skin, especially if you take the time to rub them in properly.

Another unique benefit of body oils is their ability to target certain ailments. Many oils contain ingredients that can reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation, and reduce anxiety.

The previously mentioned properties usually come from the herbs and natural ingredients present in body oils. Body oils are also the preferred moisturizers when it comes to massages and aromatherapy.

Even though body oils are increasing in popularity, many people do not know they can be used on the hair as well. Unlike lotions and butters, many body oils can also be used to make the hair healthier and shinier.

Find the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

Finding the right moisturizer doesn’t have to be complicated. By keeping your skin’s particular needs in mind, you can find a moisturizer that hydrates your skin and provides it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay youthful and attractive.

Whether you have dry, oily, or aging skin, there is a moisturizer on the market for you. Visit LaLa Daisy today to view our massive selection of luxury moisturizers.

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