Finding the Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Finding the Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Using the right makeup colors is a big part of looking your best and feeling confident. To choose an eyeshadow, the first step is finding a look that matches your eyes. Whether you want something stunning or subtle, your palette should compliment and accentuate your eye color.

If you have brown eyes, you are in luck. The neutral color of your eyes means that almost anything will work with them. You can opt for darker, matte shades, for soft and understated colors or for bright, eye-catching tones.

For many people with brown eyes, the question of eyeshadow often comes down to skin and hair color. Nonetheless, it is helpful to know a few looks that work great with brown eyes. Of course, everyone has different makeup styles that look best on them. So, try a few of the suggestions below to find the right look for you.

1. Purple

Purple is always a great choice for eyeshadow because it is one of the most consistently flattering colors, other than neutrals. No matter your eye color, this will not only work with your eyes but also make them pop. Try a purple eyeshadow with a slightly blue tint to contrast the warmth of your brown eyes.

Another great look using purple eyeshadow is to use purple on your upper eyelid and gold on the lower. This creates a stunning contrast that will make your brown eyes stand out.

Purple is a particularly great choice for a bold but versatile look. It is easy to use with brown eyes and stands out enough to gives your eyes a powerful style. However, it is more understated that brighter, neon colors. So, you can look great in almost any setting.

To create a great look using purple, try a darker color along the upper lash line on the outside of the eye. Blend this is lighter purples above and toward the inner corner. Finish it with blended, pinker tones at the top and a lightly-applied purple below the lower lash line.

2. Neutral Colors

It is no secret that neutral colors are the easiest to match with any eye color. While bright, contrasted eyeshadows can be fun, sometimes you want something a little more subtle and classic. Of course, brown will blend in a lot with your eyes. So, consider adding a small amount of purple or green to the mix just under the lower lash line. This splash of color will add a nice texture to the look without being overpowering.

Another option for more stunning neutral looks is to use a silver brown. Colors like taupe offer a neutral color palette that won’t blend too much with your brown eyes. Peach can achieve a similar effect.

Try Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Eternity to help create a beautiful look using neutral colors. These four eyeshadow colors are made from 100% high-quality and hypoallergenic minerals. It is a luxurious and surprisingly versatile set. Better yet, the eyeshadows contain Titanium Dioxide for natural protection from the sun.

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow

3. Yellow and Orange

Not all brown eyes are the same color. If you have more of a hazel tone, you can accentuate the yellow tint of your eyes using some yellow, orange or gold eyeshadow. These warm colors create an attractive style by themselves or can be paired with darker colors for a beautiful contrast.

For darker brown eyes, bronze or copper tinted eyeshadows are ideal. Their deeper hues better compliment your eye color while maintaining the stunning look of yellows and oranges.

Use light, more golden eyeshadow on the inner corner and a darker, orange on the outside color. Then use creamier, more neutral shades on the brow bone.

Try mixing in some red with a smoldering look. With brown eyes, both understated and bright color choices can work.

4. Silver

Some of the best looks for brown eyes use cooler tones to make your warm eye color stand out. Silver is a great choice for achieving this style. Almost any silver color looks great with brown eyes, so you can experiment with platinum, metallic silver and more.

If you have dark circles underneath your eyes, be careful using lighter silver under your lower lash line. The contrast between the dark skin and light eyeshadow may draw more attention to the area than you want. Consider matching a metallic silver color on your upper eye with a darker tone beneath the lower lash line.

Try matching silver with blue to create a cool but eye-catching look. Both colors work wonders with brown eyes and can be even more impressive when brought together.

To make a beautiful silver eyeshadow style, try Colorescience Mineral Eyeshadow Palette – Seductive Smoke. This set of four shades can be worn alone or layered together for a variety of looks. The silky shadows are perfect for giving brown eyes a radiant, attention-grabbing style.

Colorescience Mineral Eyeshadow

5. Green

Green eyeshadow works great with brown eyes. Teal is particularly effective because it contracts your eye color so well. Like purple, this will make your eyes pop. If you have hazel eyes, green can be used to accentuate the green tint.

Consider matching a lighter, brighter green above your upper lash line with a deeper green below your lower lash line. This creates an attractive, contrasted look that will help bring your brown eyes out even more.

For another green look, match olive green on the corners of your eye and the top of your upper eyelid with coral in the center and above the lash line. The green will make your eyes pop while the coral will help to brighten your eyes. This colorful and refreshing look is ideal for spring and summer.

6. Shimmer

This classic holiday look works perfectly with brown eyes, even when it isn’t the holiday season. A champagne gold eyeshadow with a luminous finish will give you a shimmering look that accentuates your brown eyes. The combination of the gold tones and the glittery look offers a unique way to make your eyes pop.

Try this look if you are heading out for date night. Of course, it also works great during the holidays or for formal parties.

Shimmery eyeshadow looks best when you line your eyes with a dark color. This contrasts the lighter tones of the shimmer to make a striking look.

7. Blue

Sometimes blue eyeshadow can be difficult to make work. However, the coolness of the color is great for brown eyes. Try a royal blue along the lash line. This will contrast the color of your irises while making the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

Another great blue look uses an electric blue eyeshadow. Like royal blue, this will make your warm eyes stand out. It also creates a stunning, eye-catching style. Use this look if you want to really turn heads.

If you want a daytime blue look, consider a deep, matte navy color. It offers the contrast of blue eyeshadow without being too much for the workplace. Navy animates brown eyes without being as severe as darker colors such as black. This style offers a great balance of boldness and understatement.

8. Gold and Smoke

Gold is a great match for brown eyes, especially hazel. The metallic warmth makes brown eyes glisten. Many brown eyes have slight, gold undertones. Opting for a matching eyeshadow can help to highlight those tints.

However, full-gold can be overpowering. Matching it with yellows and oranges or opting for a deeper shade, as previously mentioned, can be a great way to make use of gold. Another option is to create a smoky look.

Use gold eyeshadow along the lash line then blend it into smokier colors as you get further from the eye. This creates a beautiful look that draws attention to your eyes without overwhelming them.

You can create this look using the Pur Secret Crush Eye Shadow Palette.

9. Rose and Smoke

For another smoky look, try pairing rose along the lash line with smoke coloring on the outside. The combination of pink and purple tones compliments brown eyes beautifully. As with the gold, smoky look, the softer shading around the outside helps create a look that really emphasizes your eyes.

This style is a particularly great choice for people with darker brown eyes. It helps make your iris color seem deeper and more complex. Better yet, this look is a great fit for a lot of settings, so you can wear it all day.

Finding Great Makeup for Every Look

Having brown eyes means that you can make a lot of styles work. Everyone’s eyes are a little different, so consider trying a few looks to find something that works for you. The best eyeshadow for brown eyes is the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Whether you want a subtle, neutral look for everyday wear or a stunning, electric style, LaLa Daisy has the high-quality makeup you need. With the right products, you can create any style your heart desires. Check out the catalog of eye makeup to find everything you need.

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