7 Best Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

7 Best Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

Finding the right eyeshadow for hazel eyes can take some practice. Your eyes are not a solid color, which is where the problem comes in.

The color tone of your eyes may change depending on the clothes you wear or the mood you are in. This means you have to have a lot of color options on hand to get the best results before you leave the house.

Because of the variations of your color, you can use almost any eyeshadow with great success. However, if you want to look your best, you need to use palettes that complement the greens, browns and golds in your eyes.

Use this guide to figure out which colors can help you best complement your standout eye color. Check out our product recommendations for each color to find a high-quality eyeshadow you will fall in love with the first time you use it.

1. Green

You can use a green colored eyeshadow to play up the flecks of green already present in your eyes. A daring emerald color, for example, will draw even more attention to your pretty eyes.

You can also turn to forest greens or something lighter to get the same effect of highlighting the green tones in your iris while downplaying the green eyeshadow color itself. The shade of green you use will depend on how bold you want to be and what type of occasion you are getting ready for at the time.

Check out the Paparazzi shade in Pur Love Your Selfie 2 for a unique combination of gold and green you can wear for almost any occasion. The special sheen of this color adds an extra element of pizzazz to your makeup.

Pur Love Your Selfie Palette

2. Purple

Dark, regal purples, like plum, eggplant and orchid, complement the gold flecks in your eyes. This particular color tone works really well in the fall because of its autumnal feel.

If you are feeling daring, you can opt for a brighter pop of purple. Lilacs and magentas can give you a standout look that will still emphasize the unique color spectrum of your beautiful hazel eyes.

Try out theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony’s Matt Moskowitz shade for a rich purple. But don’t worry, you’ll love all nine of the options because of the smooth formula used to create each color.

3. Pink

Pink, blush and peach colors offer a light contrast you can use in combination with more daring eyeshadows. While these colors work great to blend, you can also use something in the pink family on its own because it will go well with your skin and eye tone.

Anything in this color scheme will give you an effortless look. If you want to downplay your makeup routine while still highlighting your eyes, try anything in the pink family.

Try Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Vintage for a buttery, creamy product that is chemical and fragrance free. The four pink shades can be used on their own or blended together for a one-of-a-kind look.

Youngblood Eyeshadow

4. White

Most people would not dare to use white as the primary shade on their eyelids. While you may not want to go this bold, you can use a white eyeshadow to provide a stark contrast between the different tones of color on your lids.

Why does white go so well with your hazel eyes? It works as a framing that draws attention to the unique color of your iris.

You can add even more drama with the silvers and whites by creating a smoky eye look. This popular application method looks great with any iris color.

Try Pur Secret Crush for a long-lasting, mineral-based eyeshadow that works well on even the most sensitive skins. The Whisper shade can serve as a great white contrast for any look you want to achieve, such as emphasizing your eyelash line.

Purminerals Secret Crush

5. Brown

Earth tones help bring out the green and yellow flecks in your multi-colored eyes. You can try on rich, deep browns or lighter tans to see what looks best with your skin tone.

These earth tones are a must-have color for anyone’s makeup drawer. You can use them as a standalone color on your lid or try to create a special blend with reds or purples.

The brown tones can help you create a makeup-free look. However, some of the bolder shades offer a shimmer and sheen that help you make a fashion statement.

Try Jane Iredale Purepressed eye shadow for a medley of browns you can use to complement your eyes and protect your skin at the same time. Not only does the triple brown sugar color palette offer you a wide range of brown hues, but this product can also hide minor blemishes and skin problems.

6. Metallic

Metallic colors are a bold choice for any eye shade thanks to the shimmer most of them add. For those with hazel eyes, this color family helps to emphasize the golden flecks in your eyes.

Silvery-mauve, gold and bronze are great metallic options for anyone with your eye color. You can use each color on its own or create a blended look for a night out on the town.

Try out Pur Love Your Selfie for a great collection of eyeshadows with metallic undertones. You’ll love the dark plum shimmer of Photobomb and the rose-gold feature of Filter, as well as all the other options available in this product.

7. Red

Anything in the red family can help serve as a contrast to your hazel eye color. Because of the juxtaposition this shade can offer, you may want to use it as a blender.

Reds are often considered a romantic hue. You can turn to this eyeshadow color for your next big date.

Try theBalm Nude ‘Tude Naughty eyeshadow palette to get 12 shade variations you can use to emphasize the green and yellow in your eyes. Not only does this product offer a lot of variety, but it also provides a satiny texture that can be worn in wet and dry conditions, which prepares you for any occasion.

Nude Palette

Start Experimenting Today

If you want to find the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes, you need to be ready to do some experimentation. While you know you can use greens to pull out the green flecks in your eyes, for example, it may take you awhile to find the shade you love.

Many of these products can take you from the office to a night out. You can simply layer a bold color on top of your day makeup to create a new look that will still go great with your hazel eyes.

If you are having a hard time choosing which eyeshadow to try next, do not fret. Here at LaLa Daisy, we try to offer all our great products at low prices to allow you to expand your makeup collection without breaking the bank. Start shopping today!

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