Color Correction Makeup to Give You Younger, Glowing Skin

Color Correction Makeup to Give You Younger, Glowing Skin

We’ve all felt envy towards those women with flawless complexions. You might have seen one or two while out shopping, running errands, or grabbing a latte. You probably wondered how she looks so fresh and glowing, not to mention how she does it.

Guess what? The secret is about to be yours, too.

Color correction makeup is many a woman’s secret weapon. Do you have red, irritated acne? Dark shadows under your eyes? A sallow complexion? Or do you just look tired? Get excited, because color correcting makeup can erase all of these skin woes. Here are just a few tips and tricks for application to get that glowing, velvety-looking skin that you’ve always wanted.

Color Correcting Makeup: Tips and Tricks to Get Glowing Skin

While there are lots of makeup products out there to help with color correcting (see: powder, foundation, primer, etc.), the one powerhouse product to always have on hand in your beauty arsenal is, without a doubt, color correcting concealer.

Why concealer? First of all, concealers are formulated to cover problem areas on the skin. Blemishes, dark spots, under-eye circles, and more all need a slightly thicker, more pigmented formula that stays put. Foundation is too thin, and powder, BB creams, and tinted moisturizers don’t provide that perfect amount of coverage that also blends in with your skin tone.

You want to look like you’re wearing nothing at all on your face, versus looking like a clown wearing stage makeup.

With these things in mind, there is a color correcting concealer for every skin problem that ails you. They come in a rainbow of shades, and each is best for addressing a different issue.

Concealer Shades and Applications for Color Correction Makeup

Green Concealer

A standard for makeup color correction, green concealer is used to hide redness. While this sounds a bit crazy, it makes perfect sense when you think about concepts you learned in Art 101.

Green and red are across from each other on any standard color wheel. This means they’re complementary colors. As such, green neutralizes red. Voila! Pat green concealer on red spots, blemishes, or irritated skin, and the redness will disappear. And no, you will not resemble a Martian.

Purple or Lavender Concealer

Head back to the color wheel and you’ll see that purple is directly across from yellow. This means that using purple concealer will eliminate yellow undertones in skin which can make your complexion look dull, sallow, or pasty. For a youthful glow, go with purple.

Orange Concealer

Orange concealer is a dark-skinned girl’s best friend. This color will effectively hide dark spots and under-eye circles for darker complexions.

Yellow Concealer

In the world of color correcting for the face, yellow concealer works best to hide and neutralize blueish or purplish shadows. This color also creates a nice base for foundation and gives a brightening effect. Under-eye circles will be banished with yellow, especially for women with light to medium-toned skin.

Pink Concealer

Pink concealer is light and peachy color correction makeup, not electric pink. For fair-skinned ladies with cool undertones, this color is excellent for hiding dark circles and can brighten up the face significantly, giving a youthful glow.

As you can see, there is literally a perfect shade of color correcting concealer for every skin woe, and they’ll help create a flawless visage for any skin tone, from palest porcelain to darkest brown. Now that you have your new secret weapon in hand, get out there and cause your own envious stares. For a full range of color correcting products for a flawless face, check out LaLa Daisy.

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