How to Find the Best Tinted Moisturizer

How to Find the Best Tinted Moisturizer

For women on the go, tinted moisturizers can be a lifesaver. They combine the hydration of a cream with a slight tint that provides a bit of coverage for dull skin, blemishes, and dark spots.

This means you get to skip using two different products in the morning, which saves you time and money.

This is great news, but not all tinted moisturizers are created equally. For my money, I want a formula that will provide adequate moisture but not make me look oily, that includes beneficial ingredients, and throws a bit of sun protection into the bargain. The best tinted moisturizer will do double, or even triple, duty.

Here’s how to find top skin care products that check all of these boxes, not to mention formulas that will work best for you.

Consider Your Skin Type for Your Top Skin Care Products

There’s no one-size-fits-all in regard to tinted moisturizers. Instead, there are different formulas for different skin issues.

  • Oily skin — If you have oily skin, you might want to try a mattifying formula to keep shine at bay. Skipping adding any extra oil to your face is a good idea, too, so look for oil-free brands.
  • Dry skin — Dry-skinned gals can handle tinted moisturizers with hydrating oils. You should also look for formulas that contain ceramides, which are naturally found in skin and contribute to a dewy glow.
  • Aging skin — For those with aging skin, you need some extra ingredients that fight wrinkles, discoloration, and sun damage. Licorice root extract is a good bet. So is soy extract.
  • Acne-prone or irritated skin — If you have acne or red, irritated skin, try a tinted moisturizer with a color correcting, green tint to neutralize redness and even out your complexion. The best skin care products for acne will also be oil-free and noncomedogenic (they won’t clog pores).
  • Normal skin — For normal skin – not too dry, not too oily, and generally clear (lucky you) – a basic tinted moisturizer with few bells and whistles and a little SPF is all you need.

Select the Right Shade for Your Best Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers generally come in fewer colors than other face makeup. This is because they are sheer enough to blend in with most skin tones.

Though they’re more versatile shade-wise, you still need to choose the right color for you. For color correcting, a sheer yellow tinted moisturizer can brighten the skin. If you have sallow or dull skin, try a lavender shade for color correction makeup.

If you’re not sure which tone to choose (for instance, if you can’t decide between the light or medium shades), err on going too dark rather than too light, as a lighter shade than your skin can make you look ashy. Make sure you’re shopping at a retailer that offers returns if it happens that you chose wrong.

The top skin care products for tinted moisturizers will be different for everyone. One person might require an oil-free formula that reduces redness, while you might need a deeply moisturizing type with some anti-aging benefits. Think about your own specific skin needs and go from there. Finding your best formula will turn out to be easier than you imagined. Don’t forget to shop at LaLa Daisy for a full range of tinted moisturizers from great brands.

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