How To Create a Routine to Take Care of Your Lashes

How To Create a Routine to Take Care of Your Lashes

Your lashes are a vital component of your anatomy. After all, they are partially responsible for keeping dust and debris out of your eyes as you go about your day. This means you need full, healthy lashes.

Unfortunately, many people choose to use abrasive mascaras and other makeup products that cause the lashes to become weak and break or even fall out altogether. Luckily, you can have your lashes and your makeup, too. All it takes is the right products and a healthy skin care routine that doesn’t leave your eyes out of the equation.

Choosing Your Products

Use careful thought when choosing your lash care products, including your eye makeup. When choosing cleansers and moisturizers, look for products that avoid harsh chemicals, such as alcohols or strong astringents. Instead, focus on conditioning products that are safe to use near the eyes whenever possible.

The makeup you choose to wear on your eyes, and especially on your lashes, is important as well. It can be tempting to use a waterproof formula for your mascara every day, but these are harder to take off at the end of the day and often lead you to rubbing your eyes and damaging lashes.


Even without the difficulty of removing waterproof eye makeup, the formulas are much more drying and dangerous for your eyes. Instead, use a basic formula for daily use and only break out the waterproof stuff if you think you’ll be crying all day or will be swimming.

When choosing any products that you’ll use around your eyes, focus on daily use items that are made with natural ingredients and minerals. Hydrating products, such as oils and butters, are best.

Applying Makeup

The eye makeup application process is as important as the products you use. Before you apply eyeliner or mascara, use a flexible brush with dense bristles to comb out lashes and make them look longer and fuller. Use the same type of brush as you apply your mascara.

Avoid using too many coats of makeup. One or two will be plenty since you’re more likely to hit all your lashes at once. Too many coats, especially on days you wear waterproof mascara, will cause your lashes to dry up and possibly even fall out.

Creating a Cleansing Routine

If you do nothing else on this list, be sure to remove your mascara and the rest of your makeup at the end of the day. The oil, minerals, and other ingredients in mascara and other makeups can easily clog pores and cause acne or even for your lashes to fall out if you don’t cleanse your skin at the end of the day.

A daily lash cleanser that contains oil or a balm is the best way to remove your eye makeup. This way, you are removing any trace of the heavy, drying formulas while conditioning your lashes in the process.


If you have a particularly strong brand of eye makeup on, consider removing it with a cream cleanser. These cleansers are tough enough to remove strong makeup but still gentle enough to protect your lashes.

Other Tips and Tricks

Of course, it isn’t just the makeup you use and your cleansing routine that helps to protect your eyes. There are several other tips and tricks to ensure your eyelashes stay sleek, healthy, and gorgeous.

Many people choose to use a special conditioning treatment even after cleansing their eye makeup. Consider coconut oil, castor oil, or even petroleum jelly. Apply it before you sleep and rinse it off in the morning.

It is also important not to rub your eyes excessively. Doing so could cause you to rub dirt into your eye, causing damage to your eyelid or even causing an infection.

Another downfall to your lashes is using fake ones. You may be temporarily creating the look you want, but you’re also doing damage to your natural lashes because of the glue involved.

You might be thinking the next best thing to “falsies” is to curl your natural lashes. That’s a bad idea, too, though, at least if you don’t do it properly. First, disinfect the curler and then never squeeze or tug too hard or for too long.

Finally, give your eyes a break whenever you can (and the same goes for your face). Skipping makeup allows your face time to breathe.

Above all else, ensure you purchase authentic products. Knock-offs can be full of dangerous chemicals or other bacteria-causing ingredients that lead to low-quality looks and high-cost infections. Seek out brands at LaLa Daisy, a company known for its all-natural facial cleansers, serums, makeup products, and more.

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