8 Tips for Styling Your Baby Hairs

8 Tips for Styling Your Baby Hairs

Do you have naturally curly hair that leads you to have fine baby hairs along your hairline? The thicker and more texturized your hair is, the more likely you are to have these wispy, unruly strands. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to deliberately style these hairs, especially among the Latino and black communities.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t used to styling your baby hair, it isn’t always easy to pick up right away. You might even need some style inspiration. Luckily, that is much easier to do by checking out our easy startup guide.

  1. Create Simple Braids

The simplest way to style natural hair is with a few traditional braids. These leave your baby hair a bit unruly at the edges, but the style creates a natural look that requires little to no hair product and looks good for practically any occasion.

  1.      Slick Them Down on the Sides

Do you have longer baby hair that could use a bit of extra styling? Take a hint from FKA Twigs and a range of other celebrities by using a strong hold gel to slick them down on the sides. Most people use tiny combs or even toothbrushes to create designs instead of slicking them straight down.


  1.   Comb Them Into a U-Wave

Another common way to style your baby hair is to style them into an upside-down U. Known as a U-wave, this style is a popular one that is reminiscent of popular flapper hairstyles from the 1920s. It is especially stylish when paired with a cocktail dress or tuxedo for a black-tie event.

  1.    Pull Them Into a High Ponytail

From Rihanna to Ariana Grande, you’ve seen the popular high ponytails all over celebrity hairstyles. They’re an excellent way to tame your natural hair as well, especially if the rest is longer. Pull your hair up into a ponytail and secure it on top of your head with a stylish accessory. From there, simply use a bit of gel to slick the baby hairs back into the ponytail.

  1.   Create Soft Spirals

Think Betty Boop for this style. Style the rest of your hair as you desire, and then use a conditioning sculpting gel and a toothbrush to create tiny spirals on the sides of your forehead and, if necessary, along the top. This style works well with elegant and casual looks alike.


  1.   Leave Them Straight

Who says you need to create an elaborate style at all? If you’re on the go but need those baby hairs to be tame, simply use your regular hair brush to slick them down with the rest of your hair and then spray with a maximum hold hairspray. The sleek and straight look is especially beneficial for professional days, such as when you have a job interview.

  1.  Use Them as Wispy Bangs

This style is often seen on the likes of Jennifer Lopez. The longer your baby hairs are, the easier it will be to use them as wispy bangs. Simply brush them down and go. If you won’t be doing a lot of physical activity, you may want to hold them in place with a gel or spray, but if you intend to work out or otherwise sweat, they’ll stay in place on their own after a bit.

  1. Let Them Flow Free

Of course, the only reason you need to do anything at all with your baby hairs is if you feel that you need to. Never let society dupe you into feeling you need to do your hair a certain way. If you love your baby hairs just as they are, skip the styling products and wear them exactly as they are.

Choosing Products

Of course, if you do decide that you prefer to style your baby hairs, you need the right hair care products. In addition to sculpting sprays or gels, you’ll need combs and a toothbrush. Don’t forget to use shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for curly, textured hair to ensure that your hair (baby ones and longer ones alike) are as healthy as possible.

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