How to Choose Blush – Blush 101

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Blush seals the deal but not all blush is created equal. You have to consider the formula, your complexion, and your features. When considering how to choose blush that’s perfect for you we want to give you the key things to consider when choosing the color perfect for your complexion and skin type.

Hone in on Your Hue

Many women love what blush does to their face. It has the ability to make you look fresh and young. However, sometimes it is hard to know whether you are using the “right” color and you may want some advice on how to choose blush that is spot-on for you.

First, realize that there are no rules as to what color you “must” use. While some women want their blush to look natural, others use makeup as a way to exhibit their expressive personalities, so a shocking or dramatic blush hue is welcomed. But, if you are someone who wants their blush to seem as if it is occurring naturally, there are different ways that you can use to figure out the perfect color.

Consider Your Coloring

One way of choosing blush is to stick with your skin tone as a general guideline. This gives you some room to decide whether you want a softer or more dramatic effect.

If you have dark skin, the most flattering blush shades are:

  • Berry
  • Brown
  • Fuchsia
  • Tangerine

If you have medium skin, the most flattering blush shades are:

  • Darker pink
  • Deep peach
  • Mauve

If you have light or fair skin, the most flattering blush shades are:

  • Light peach
  • Light pink
  • Soft coral

A great product to consider for color correction or highlighting is the Glo Skin Beauty Shimmer Brick which features four shades, expertly selected so you can mix, match and blend to create the perfect look for any occasion. The Luster pack includes rosy pink, deep plum, rich terracotta and golden nude hues that are perfect for creating a warm appearance with just the right highlights and lowlights. Each color can be used on the face, cheeks or eyes and doubles as a skin car product with nourishing minerals, vitamins A,C and E, free radical-fighting green tea extract and powerful UVA and UVB protection. The light shimmer adds a luminescent effect, giving your skin a sun-kissed glow. Blend the shades together to illuminate your complexion or use them individually to accentuate your features. This compact is an all-in-one makeup solution that ensures you look your best from sunrise to sunset.

How To Choose Blush - Try Glo Skin Beauty for color correction

When choosing a blush for fair skin consider theBalm Balm Springs In Full Swing Blush Highligher. Creating a shade that compliments all skin tones isn’t easy, but the earthy rose shade of The Balm Balm Springs manages to find its perfect place on anyone’s face. You can’t go wrong with this incredibly wearable shade. Inspired by the colors of springtime, Balm Springs is another blush success from theBalm’s cosmetic line.

Choose a Blush for fair skin like theBalm Balm Springs

Look at Your Inner Lip

Another fail-proof tool to discover your ideal blush tone is by looking in a mirror at your inner lip. Match the color you see there to the same exact shade blush, and you have a winner.

Many women have a pleasingly pink inner lip. A good match might be the beautiful jane iredale PurePressed Blush Barely Rose. It helps you achieve that lit-from-within glow, delivering a refreshing wash of color with the ability to transform your appearance, taking it from dull to vibrant within seconds.

How To Choose a vibrant color blush like jane iredale PurePressed

Observe Your Undertones

One last means of choosing the perfect hue of blush is to look at the undertones of your skin to determine whether you are a “warm” or “cool” person by examining the veins in the underside of your wrist. Those with warm undertones have green veins, while those with cool undertones have blue veins. If you have both, then you are considered to have a neutral skin tone.

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