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Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex professional hair care products are intentionally designed to create stronger, smoother and healthier locks. From professional hair color products to a respected line of keratin treatments, the brand has developed a reputation for providing the average person with luxurious, salon-quality hair care products. If your hair is damaged, brittle, dry, or could use a little TLC, Keratin Complex can provide it.

Keratin Complex Frequently Asked Questions

What Keratin Complex Product Can Help Color-Treated Hair?

Keratin Complex Timeless Color Fade-Defy Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect duo for color-treated hair. When used together, these products can prevent your hair color from becoming dull or faded. With the use of a special formula that protects against color loss, these two products can help your hair stay vibrant, shiny and hydrated.

Is There a Keratin Complex Product That Protects Against Breakage?

If you’re struggling with brittle, dry locks, Keratin Complex Repair Therapy Serum can help. It contains keratin protein that helps smooth the hair, strengthen it and prevent future split ends. Just 2-4 pumps of this formula can help make your strands more manageable, smooth and shiny.

What Keratin Complex Product Is Best for Heavily Damaged Hair?

Whether your hair has been damaged by the sun, heated styling tools, too much processing or any other reason, Keratin Complex Keratin Obsessed Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray is capable of handling it. This impressive formula contains moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil and hydrolyzed silk amino acids. It also contains keratin protein to fortify your hair and strengthen it against future damage. The formulation will leave your locks silky smooth without weighing them down.

Is There a Keratin Complex Blow-Dry Product I Can Use?

If you’re worried about damaging your hair while drying it with a heated blow dryer, you may want to consider Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher. This blow dry cream instantly smooths the hair and locks out humidity. It also shortens the time it takes to blow dry your hair, so you can spend less time exposing your delicate locks to unnecessary heat.

I Need a Deep Conditioner Right Away. What Keratin Complex Product Will Meet My Needs?

Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner is a luxurious product that will delight your senses while delivering nourishment deep into damaged strands. It can be hard to find haircare products that don’t have a chemical smell, so this conditioner is particularly refreshing. It features a heavenly scent as well as natural botanical extracts and wheat proteins that enhance its moisture-delivering benefits. For best results, apply a small amount of this deep conditioner into small sections of your hair after shampooing. Use your hands to distribute the conditioner through your hair while concentrating primarily on the ends.

How Do I Try Multiple Keratin Complex Products To See if I Like Them?

If you’re worried about spending a lot of money on products you may not like, purchase the Keratin Complex Try Me Kit. This kit includes some of the brand’s most popular products, including Clarifying Shampoo, Pictureperfect Hair Bond Sealing Masque, Personalized Blow Out Same Day Keratin Treatment, and Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. The containers come in 4 oz. and 3 oz. sizes, which is the perfect size for using on a trial basis.

Is There a Keratin Complex Product That Can Prevent My Blonde Hair From Going Brassy?

Keratin Complex Blondeshell Debrass and Brighten Shampoo and Conditioner are the products you need if you want to keep your blondes from getting brassy. They are formulated to help blonde hair stay bright and brilliant as long as possible.

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