Sustainable Shopping – Planet or Plastic

Green Globe ImageIn partnership with Google, LaLa Daisy is participating in a sustainable eco-friendly packaging program. The program recognizes that e-commerce is a major contributor to plastic pollution. Over 165 billion packages are shipped every year.

Much of the material used in e-commerce shipping can’t be recycled. Cardboard boxes are fairly easily recycled these days, but plastic is another story altogether. Plastic air pillows, plastic tape and bubble wrap can often damage recycling equipment, so these materials not only aren’t recyclable themselves, but they can stop other items from being recycled. Today only 9% of plastic produced is recycled.

Planet or PlasticPlastic is a huge threat to our environment. Plastic can last up to 450 years before breaking down. It’s lightweight and is susceptible to blowing around landfills and ending up in our waterways and ultimately the ocean. It is estimated that 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic produced annually ends up in the ocean.

Working with Google, LaLaDaisy has eliminated the plastic from our shipping materials. That’s right! Bubble wrap has been replaced with a special recyclable shipping paper. Plastic packing tape has been replaced with recyclable, reinforced paper tape. Our boxes have a special paper built into the box that protects the product from damage while in-transit and reduces the total amount of packing materials.

We are happy to make the effort and investment in reducing the strain on our environment and know you’ll feel good about it too!

If you need any tips on recycling or how to locate local recycling centers, go to Earth911.