Skincando Who? Up Close and Personal With Organic Moisturizer Brand Skincando

Skincando Who? Up Close and Personal With Organic Moisturizer Brand Skincando

The best natural skin care line may be one you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. Let us formally introduce you to your new favorite organic brand, Skincando. This company is all about natural, organic skin care products, and it is getting the attention and recognition it deserves because of its quality, careful small-batch production, and commitment to giving back to the country’s armed forces.

Where did it come from? How did it get started? Why does it make the best natural moisturizer for face and body? Where can you get this amazing stuff? We’ve got answers to your burning questions about Skincando’s organic moisturizers.

Say Hello to Sara

Skincando’s founder, Sara Damelio, was a woman on a mission. About 15 years ago, she wanted an organic, natural skin care product to soothe her sensitive skin. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the stores, she decided to make it herself.

She started by using the purest ingredients and botanicals, leaving out all the artificial stuff that her skin didn’t like. The result was a multi-purpose salve that can handle most skin problems, leaving behind smooth, soft skin.

Her Washington, D.C. workshop continues to make the natural, organic skin care products in micro-batches, using the best ingredients to tame itchy, irritated skin. The company’s line has even expanded to include gentle products for babies as well as luxury face and eye creams and lip balms.

Reporting for Duty

As the one that started it all, however, the Combat-Ready Balm, continues to be a top seller for Skincando. Is there anything this beloved balm can’t do? It works wonders on all kinds of skin problems, including scars, eczema, extreme dryness, bug bites, wind or sun burn, and the list goes on. The Combat-Ready products also include soap bars, lip balms, and a botanical bug repellent.

Combat-Ready Balm

Are you curious about why it’s called Combat-Ready? Well, there’s an interesting story behind that too. A United States soldier deployed in Iraq got ahold of some of Skincando’s signature balm and found it made the perfect solution to his unhappy skin in harsh wartime conditions. He ran out of his salve and wanted more to calm his dry, irritated skin while overseas, so he reached out to Skincando to replenish his supply.

Sara realized how helpful her products could be for soldiers in the field and created a not-for-profit branch of the company known as Operation Sand Flea, which donates some of the Combat-Ready products to US Military service members on active duty.

Go Green or Go Home

There’s only one way this company wants to function, and that’s by walking the walk. Skincando’s natural, organic skin care products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, heavy metals, fragrances, and dyes, leaving plenty of room for only the best ingredients to naturally replenish skin’s moisture.

The products are concentrated, which means they can last much longer than typical skin care creams, making them environmentally friendly and a good value. They are perfect year-round because they can tackle they driest skin of winter but also soothe your summer sunburn and itchy bug bites.

Skincando is also committed to eco friendly manufacturing to make their natural, organic skin care products by using recycled and biodegradable materials when possible, to protect the environment as well as your skin.

We’ve Got Your Back

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