Spotlight on Truefitt & Hill, Our Best-Selling Men’s Brand

Spotlight on Truefitt & Hill, Our Best-Selling Men's Brand

When youre shopping for shave cream, soap, shampoo or body spray for men, you want more than just the basic benefits. Besides combating odor and perspiration, nourishing your hair and caring for your skin, you want a fresh, confident feeling along with a scent thats distinctly your own.

Were spotlighting Truefitt & Hill, our best-selling brand of skin and hair care, cologne and shaving products. With its gentlemans aesthetic, Truefitt & Hill carries a legacy inherited from its founders dedication to exceptional service, superior quality and groundbreaking design in its mens grooming products.

The Oldest Barbershop in the World

The brands story begins with William Francis Truefitt, who opened a shop in the Mayfair district of Londons upscale West End in 1805. His dedication to excellence and fine craftsmanship shone through not only in his techniques, but in the personal care products he developed for his discriminating clientele.

Truefitts skill as a barber and his commitment to great ingredients soon drew the interest of nobles and monarchs, who sought his products and services for everyday flair and to present at their best for high social events. To this day, Truefitt & Hill is honored to hold the distinctive status of By Royal Appointment to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh. Its legacy also includes a series of Royal Warrants, and it strives to continue the same high standards set by Truefitt over two centuries ago.

The 1805 Aftershave Balm: A Skin-Nourishing Essential

Truefitt and Hill Aftershave Balm

Moisturizing after each shave is a vital part of keeping skin nourished and healthy. Thats exactly where Truefitt & Hills 1805 Aftershave Balm excels as part of your daily care regimen.

Crafted with the healing essence of aloe vera, its designed to provide deep hydration, soothe the discomfort of razor burn and pamper sensitive skin. As a side benefit, youll also enjoy the brands signature 1805 scent, which includes a unique blend of floral, wood and herbal accords:

  •         Top notes of bergamot, mandarin and cardamom
  •         Middle notes of lavender, geranium and clary sage
  •         Base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk

Sandalwood Shaving Cream: Skin Care With a Distinct Scent

Sophisticated men with a distinctive personal style want more than the ordinary from their shave products. If this describes you, youll love Truefitt & Hills Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

Theres nothing else quite like it on the market, formulated to give you a close, comfortable shave while leaving you with refreshed skin and a pleasant scent.

When paired with the badger hair shaving brush, youll get an upscale barbershop experience during your everyday grooming routine. During and after your morning shave, enjoy its blend of rare and natural essences that include sandalwood, fresh lemon, bergamot, lime, cedarwood, tonka and musk.

Other Grooming Luxuries for the Distinguished Man

With two hundred years of innovation behind the Truefitt & Hill name, its no surprise that the label offers such an extensive collection of mens grooming products. Truefitt & Hills Frequent Use Shampoo is formulated to moisturize your hair while adding shine and body and still being gentle enough for everyday use.

To change up your daily shaving routine, choose the West Indies Lime Shave Cream Tub, packed with skin-softening ingredients and boasting an energizing aromatic profile of citrus and orange blossom. While youre at it, add some more of the labels finest to your personal stock, such as:

  •        Sandalwood Cologne, featuring an aromatic profile of citrus, sandalwood and cedarwood

Truefitt and Hill Sandalwood Cologne

Besides these great items, Truefitt & Hills collection includes razors, shaving brushes, beard oils, skin treatment serums, deep moisturizers for hair and more. Shop LaLa Daisy for these and other exceptional mens personal care products.

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