Purrfecting Your Personal Winged Eyeliner Look

Purrfecting Your Personal Winged Eyeliner Look

Looking for a playful and dramatic way to accent your eyes? Winged eyeliner can be just the makeup trick you need for a special occasion or just because. You may have shied away from the cat eyeliner application after a few failed attempts. It’s true, practice is your friend for this skill.


Still, creating the perfect cat-like eye can be easier than you think, especially if you know the technique and have the tools to achieve it.


Here is how you can use an eyeliner pencil and a liquid liner as well as good mascara to wow and meow.

Assembling Your Toolbox

A cat eyeliner takes a steady hand and a bit of precision. Make sure your eye products are up to the task.


Gather together some of the following eye makeup products:


  • Good quality eye primer
  • Neutral eyeshadow in a pale or natural shade
  • Liquid eyeliner and eyeliner pencil
  • Flat and blending brushes
  • Volumizing mascara


If you are feeling really bold, you could opt to use false eyelashes, but that may be a more advanced approach towards a winged eyeliner look.

The How-To

Now that you have the right stuff, let’s get down to business. You can follow these steps to help you.

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  1. Start with a bit of primer and a layer of a neutral shade of shadow to provide a good base. What’s primer good for? Helping your product stick where it needs to and not smudge where you don’t want it.
  2. Apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow next. If you like, you can go a bit dark to contour at the crease of the eyelid. The barely there eyeshadow shade is going to allow your winged liner to pop as your power look.
  3. Line your lash line with a thin layer of eyeliner pencil, going thicker as you move away from the center toward the outer edge. Pencil liner is a little easier to work with than a liquid liner, allowing so we use it for lining the eyelid.
  4. Using a liquid eyeliner in the form of a thin brush or pen, draw a short line from the corner of your eyelid at an angle to create a wing. You can make it short and kittenish or longer for a feline femme finish. This is a step that will come with practice.
  5. Now come back to that original line you made along your eyelid. Draw another line from the end of that line to the tip of the wing. It should resemble a thin triangle.
  6. Use your eyeliner to color in the triangle space for a smooth look.
  7. After you complete the winged eyeliner on both eyes, stop and consider if they look even. Use a cotton-tip applicator and a bit of makeup remover to touch up, as necessary. You can also use a flat edge or blending brush to soften any harsh lines.
  8. Add two or more coats of good mascara to complete your cat eyeliner.

Practice Makes Purrfect

You may want to try out your winged eyeliner a few times to feel comfortable with your method. If you are not sure what products to use, LaLa Daisy has exactly what you need for this and other eye-popping makeup products.

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