8 Best Eyeshadow Colors to Make Blue Eyes POP!

8  Best Eyeshadow Colors to Make Blue Eyes POP!

If you have blue eyes, it’s difficult to go wrong with eyeshadow color; just about any shade works on some level. However, if you really want to accentuate your baby blues and make them stand out, certain colors are more effective than others.

As a general rule, warmer colors bring out the color of your eyes more effectively than cooler colors. This may seem counterintuitive, but color theory holds that opposite colors on the color wheel are the most complementary to one another, and since orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel, it stands to reason that orange and related shades, such as copper or peach, provide a striking contrast and make your blue eyes pop.

However, it’s important to take the shade of your eyes into consideration. Blue eyes come in essentially three different shades: deep blue, which tends to be the darkest shade; light blue, sometimes also called icy blue; and gray blue, which is somewhere in the middle and can also include hints of green. Deep blue eyes may blend into shades of eyeshadow that nonetheless make light blue eyes pop, and vice versa.

It’s not just the color of your eyes that’s important to take into consideration. Skin tone and hair color also factor into what overall color palette you should use on your eyes. A shadow that works well on someone with blonde hair may not work as well on a brunette, even if the color of their eyes are the same.

Don’t forget that the time of day is important as well. During the daytime, you may prefer a natural look that’s more subtle, while at nighttime you may wish to be more daring and create a more dramatic effect.

Everyone is different, and it never hurts to experiment to find the look that you like best. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions of eyeshadow colors that you can use as a starting point to bring out the brightness of your blue eyes.

1. Brown

Women with blue eyes and light-colored hair, such as blonde or red, find that a brown eyeshadow brings out the color of their eyes without competing with their other features. If you’d like to add accents of color, brown is a solid base shade upon which to build. Try TheBalm Bahama Mama Matte Bronzer, a versatile little compact that can serve multiple functions, or PUR Secret Crush Eye Shadow Palette, which offers an equal balance of matte shades and satin shades in an array of earth tones. Also, another great choice is Jane Iredale Tripple Brown Sugar eye Shadow.

2. Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are good for those who prefer a more natural look, particularly during the day. Shades of white, khaki, or champagne accentuate your eyes without drawing attention to the fact that you’re wearing makeup. Try Youngblood Timeless Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow for a long-lasting eye shadow that feels as good as it looks, or Colorescience Mineral Eyeshadow Palette for a range of neutral shades, both light and dark.

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad

3. Orange

When you’re ready for a bolder look, an orange eyeshadow brings out the brightness of your eyes, according to the theory of the color wheel, and works during any time of day. However, you don’t have to go full-on neon to get the look; if you’re uncomfortable with a bright orange hue, try a related warm shade of bronze, peach, or copper for a more subtle effect. TheBalm Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette has some fun warm shades to try, as does the Colorescience Pro Beauty on the Go Palette, which also works as concealer or color corrector.

4. Burgundy

If you’d like to try a warmer shade of eyeshadow but don’t feel comfortable with the boldness of orange shades, a redder color like burgundy, cranberry, or terra-cotta creates a similar effect but with a touch more dignity. Red or burgundy shades may be a bit more appropriate for evening wear. Youngblood Vintage Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow includes some creamy-feeling wine tones, and theBalm Meet Matt(e)trimony has a burgundy shade right in the middle of the palette.

TheBalm Meet The Matte Trimony

5. Purple

While warmer colors tend to complement blue eyes, jewel tones like deep purple tend to work well on women with darker-colored hair, and if your eyes are slightly greenish, purple will work even better for you because purple is complementary to green on the color wheel. For women with blonde hair, a lighter shade of purple such as lavender is frequently recommended. TheBalm Meet Matt(e)trimony also includes a dark purple shade, and Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple Brown Sugar includes a more subtle, almost greyed purple.

6. Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are a go-to look for many women regardless of eye color, and with good reason; the look is perpetually stylish and creates a dramatic effect, particularly at nighttime. The trick is to avoiding overwhelming your eyes with a shadow that’s too dark; blend a black or dark grey eyeshadow with a lighter shade, such as fuchsia, silver, or even light blue or turquoise. Colorescience Seductive Smoke Mineral Eyeshadow Palette includes both light and dark colors that are perfect for blending, and theBalm Nude ‘Tude Naughty Eyeshadow Palette includes smoky shades as well.

Colorescience Eye Shadow Pallette

7. Pink

Pink is a versatile eyeshadow color for women with blue eyes because it can come in both warm and cool shades. Warm pinks are good for blue-green eyes, while cooler pinks work well with blue-grey eyes. Several of the eyeshadow palettes already mentioned here include shades of pink, and Youngblood Eternity Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow has pink and pink-tinged neutrals so that you can experiment and get the look you want, whether it be subtly natural or slightly more dramatic.Youngblood Eye Shadow

8. Slate Grey

Slate grey can give the dramatic effect of black without being too overpowering. It can be applied boldly for a smoky, seductive look, or it can be blended for more of an innocent, wide-eyed effect. In any case, several of the eyeshadow palettes we’ve mentioned here have shades of slate grey, including those from Colorescience and theBalm.

As you can see, finding a color to accentuate your blue eyes isn’t much of a problem. The challenge is creating a look that’s fits with your hair and skin tones, as well as being appropriate for the time of day. Nevertheless, it can be fun to experiment with LaLa Daisy’s range of eye makeup to discover the look that’s best for you.

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