Best-Selling Beach and Salt Sprays for No-Fuss Easy Curls and Texture

Your hair is more than just a mere accessory. It’s a part of you, and the way you style it is both an expression of your personal taste and an important part of crafting your own unique look. Changing up its texture is a great way to inject new life into your style, but you need the right tools to make that happen.

Thankfully, you’ve got quite a few options, including products that make hair curly by improving texture while adding volume and some moisture to your mane.

The Mechanics Behind Beach and Salt Spray Products

If you’ve ever been swimming in an ocean or have engaged in other kinds of maritime fun, you might remember what the salt water did on your tresses. You probably ended up with a unique tousled look, more waves and curls and a little bit of extra volume.

volumizing product that makes hair curly

Beach and salt sprays, which are sometimes classified as volumizing and thickening products, like Philip B’s Maui Wowie Volumizing and Thickening Beach Mist, temporarily mimics the effects of ocean water by mildly dehydrating your strand before imparting a slightly gritty texture to encourage already existing wave or curl patterns to manifest.

How Can Beach Spray Help My Existing Hair Texture?

The effects that you’ll enjoy from beach and salt sprays largely depends on the curl or wave patterns your hair already possesses.

Did you know that human hair can normally be classified into four groups?

  • Type One, straight hair with no curl or wave pattern
  • Type Two, wavy hair with a loose S-shaped texture
  • Type Three, comprised of loose spirals or tight ringlets
  • Type Four, with very tight coils or kinky strands in a Z-shaped curl pattern

If you’ve got either type-one or type-two hair, you’re often looking for the right kind of product to amp up any naturally inherent waving or curling tendencies. Straight hair will usually get a messier look with some additional volume, while wavy hair is enhanced by a more tousled texture and some added curl.

A product we love is AG’s Hair Sea Spray with natural ingredients that do the job of creating an easy beachy look — aloe vera to moisturize and seaweed to shape your soft waves.

How Should I Use a Beach or Salt Spray?

Most of these products work best when applied starting at the middle of your strands. Spritz all the way to the ends of your hair, and scrunch afterwards to enhance the look. You can also encourage some lift by spraying onto your roots and using a blow dryer, as you might with a root-boosting product.

Other Texture-Enhancing Options

curl enhancer for wavy hair

If you already are blessed with a little wave and want to kick up your style beyond messy and beachy, plenty of choices exist. You might go for a curl enhancer for wavy hair like AG Hair Beach Bomb, which infuses more moisture to boost your natural texture a bit more. These typically work a little differently from beach and salt sprays, adding healthy hair essentials like keratin proteins and amino acids.

LaLa Daisy lets you harness the best of nature, using beach-inspired styling and texturizing products to give your mane a serious lift. They work to take your hair to more voluminous levels while gifting you with a tousled, carefree style that’s effortless, trendy and California cool. Take a peek and find your next favorite hair product today!

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