Combat Acne with these 5 Essential Tips

Combat Acne with these 5 Essential Tips

Having acne prone skin can be just plain frustrating at times. But remember that many women have the same problem as you. Acne can have a number of different causes. Hormones, allergies, and poor skin care habits can all play a part. While getting rid of acne may be a long and difficult process, there are smart things you can start doing today to make sure your skin is in the best position to heal.


  1. Moisturize, But Be Smart About It


It is a myth that acne-prone skin doesn’t need moisturizer. Healthy skin care products that hydrate and moisturize the skin are key for every age and every type of skin. If you suffer from acne, you may also be using harsh acne medications that dry out your skin, leaving it tight and itchy. The best moisturizer for acne prone skin is light enough for your sensitive skin and oil-free. Need a suggestion? Try the Oil-Free Moisturizer by glo therapeutics from LaLa Daisy’s selection of products.


  1. Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face


It can be tempting to poke and prod at your blemishes, or you may just have a habit of touching your face frequently with your hands. This is something you can easily stop doing. Touching and picking at your skin only spreads germs to it and irritates it even more. Also, if you have a habit of popping or picking at blemishes, this may just cause them to become infected, making the appearance of your acne worse.


  1. Avoid the Sun


Some sun exposure is ok, but you should be careful to limit your exposure, especially if you are taking a medication that makes you more susceptible to getting sunburns. Sun can also darken old acne scars, making it tougher to get rid of the signs of past acne. In addition to limiting sun exposure, make sure to use sunscreen daily, even in cold winter months. Some sunscreens may seem to exacerbate your acne, but it is worth it to find one that protects your skin without irritating it.


  1. Pay Attention to the Makeup You Use


Many people with acne become reliant on makeup to cover up active blemishes and old scars, alike. It’s natural to want to smooth over imperfections, and makeup can do wonders for your confidence if you’re sensitive about the look of your skin. Just remember to give your skin a break every once in awhile and throw in a few makeup-free days each week. The times that you do wear makeup, make sure it’s non-comedogenic. You can also look for mineral makeups, which can be a good choice for acne prone skin.


  1. Be Gentle to your Skin


Acne prone skin is often sensitive skin, which means you should go easy on it. In addition to keeping yourself from picking at your face, be careful with any harsh cleansers, exfoliants and other skin care products.


Acne is frustrating, but it’s a problem that a lot of people share, which means you’re not alone. Browse the LaLa Daisy site for more options from our wide selection of healthy skin care products that treat acne prone skin with the care and attention it deserves.


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