Contour v. Blush

Contour v. Blush

Contour and blush both give your makeup, and your overall face, dimension, color, and shape. They can make a huge difference in the way your makeup looks. Although they may seem like they accomplish the same goal, contour and blush can actually be used for really different looks. They can shape your face differently and highlight different parts of your bone structure. You can wear them alone or together to create different looks. Whether you are going out on the town, plan on being outdoors, or just want a simple everyday look, you can accomplish these with a variety of application techniques with blush and contour. Let’s see how they are different and which to choose for which looks.


Put simply, blush is used to add color to the cheeks. It’s perfect for adding some vibrancy and color to the face. It generally comes in different variations of pink or red. You can use different colors of blush in different seasons. Lighter, brighter shades look great during the summer, or warm darker shades can look really nice for the winter months. Blush is applied to the apple of the cheeks and along the cheekbones.

Some of our favorite blush products are:


Contour can be very subtle or it can be bold. Usually, when contouring you will choose a matte bronzer or a foundation in a darker color to create the shadow look that will define your cheekbones and other features of your face. The darker color is usually applied along the cheekbones, the hairline, and under the jawline. Sometimes you’ll even contour the nose and chin, it just depends on how much time and effort you are putting into your look for that day or evening.

If you want to do a light contour, a bronzer along is a great way to go. Bronzer is great for casual wear. It brightens up your face and helps your cheekbones look defined.

Some of our favorite contouring products are:

  • Pur Minerals Cameo Contour Foundation This contouring stick gives you two contouring shades so you can use the darker shade to accentuate the cheekbones and the lighter color to highlight your best features.

Blush and Contour Together

You can use a combination of blush and a contour color as well. To achieve this look, you’ll apply your blush first to the apples of the cheeks. Next, take your bronzer or contour color and brush it into the hollows of your cheeks. Blend the tones together to finish off the look. Fortunately, LaLa Daisy has the blush and contouring looks you’re going for, so check us out today.

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