Finding the Right Exfoliating Facial Cream for Your Skin

Finding the Right Exfoliating Facial Cream for Your Skin

The single most powerful tool you have when it comes to maintaining your facial health and youthful glow is the right exfoliating cleanser. Adding other products can be incredibly helpful, especially if those therapies include the right antioxidants and other nutrients to build skin health and combat the signs of aging. Those extras are not quite enough on their own, though. The first step is daily cleansing that supports skin health.

Why Exfoliation Helps Your Skin

Exfoliation is so important to your skin care because of the variety of simultaneous benefits it provides. It’s about more than just hygiene:

  • Removing dead skin cells ensures that the healthiest and most vital cells are on the surface of your skin.
  • The abrasive nature of most exfoliating facial cream regimens helps blood flow to the surface of your skin, which encourages a healthy glow.
  • Nutrients and moisturizers in the facial creams condition the skin, making it fuller and increasing the effects of that healthy glow that arises.
  • Long-term skin care regimens condition the skin, building up healthy nutrients and moisture and increasing its protection against the elements.

Fitting Exfoliation Into Your Skin Care Routine

The key to getting the most out of your exfoliation routine is knowing when to put it on the schedule. It can be tempting to take care of things right away in the morning, especially if you tend to shower and wash your hair early. That makes sense in a lot of ways because you might think that the timing would send you out of the house with the best, freshest glow on your skin. That might be true, but it is also true that exfoliating facial cream works best when your skin has time to breathe, so going through a full skin conditioning routine right before you apply daily makeup might not be your best choice.

Instead, think about fitting your facial cream into your evening beauty regimen, after you have removed any makeup and washed your face. That allows you to let your skin rest overnight before applying anything else again, giving your body as much time as possible to take in the nutrients your face needs so you can meet the next day looking healthy.

Top LaLa Daisy Recommendations

If you are looking for your next face cream, here are our top choices:

  • Glotherapeutics Cyto-luxe Cleanser: Plant stem cells and papaya enzymes power this cream, and when you add water it easily lathers to cleanse your whole face.
  • PCA Skin BPO 5% Cleanser: This exfoliating facial cream is built to bring the best possible benefits to your skin quickly. Its aloe and cucumber formula is designed to nourish the skin as it washes away bacteria that can cause imperfections while taking care of your daily facial exfoliation.

Don’t forget that daily exfoliation can be a great way to condition your skin and maintain a youthful appearance in more places than just your face! Consider adding in a body exfoliator like this Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub to keep yourself looking great from head to toe.

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