How to Choose a Color Correcting Palette for Your Skin

How to Choose a Color Correcting Palette for Your Skin

If you want the convenience of a makeup palette combined with the concealing power of color correction, you need to get a color correcting palette.

These handy little makeup miracles are easily totable, making them perfect for ladies who travel or women on the go – just snap them shut and toss them in your bag. They’re also perfect for achieving a flawless complexion (as long as you understand color theory and your skin’s needs).

Find out how to choose the perfect color correction makeup palette for you and get the most out of every single shade.

Choosing Color Correction Makeup Palettes: Basic Considerations

The right palette for you will depend on your skin tone, your skin type, and your coverage needs for concealing imperfections.

Skin Tone

Obviously, when talking about color correction, we have to start with your skin tone. A color correcting palette will do nothing for you if you have chosen the wrong shades. For instance, someone with very fair skin needs pastel tones, while someone with dark skin needs brighter, more saturated shades.

Otherwise, if you have dark skin and use pastel color correction concealer, you’ll just end up looking chalky. If you have fair skin and use bright-toned concealer, you will have a hard time blending it in, which totally defeats the purpose.

Skin Type

Palettes come in different formulas and variations. Some have an array of cream concealers, others offer a set of powders, and more offer both creams and powders in one palette. When choosing one of these options, think about your skin type.

If you have dry skin, you’ll want to avoid powder formulas and stick with the creamiest consistency you can find. It should melt into your skin and blend seamlessly.

If you have combination skin, you might find that, likewise, a combination of creams and powders in one palette will be best for you.

For oily skin, use a formula that is water-based and oil-free, and always choose a palette that comes with a few powder options, as these will help absorb oil and tone down your shine.

Color Correcting Palette Coverage

The coverage you need from your color correction concealer is going to depend on your skin imperfections.

For instance, do you have extremely red, irritated acne? Are your dark circles so extreme that you look like someone gave you black eyes? For these issues, you will obviously need a more opaque, heavy-duty formula to cover them up. You should thus choose a palette that promises long-lasting wear with buildable coverage, and one that is easy to blend.

If your skin issues are less noticeable but you still desire coverage, you can go for a lighter formula with a sheer finish, or choose a palette with lightweight powders for color correction makeup. If you have all-over redness or a sallow complexion, green and lavender-tinted powders are great for all-over, light application while still providing the color benefits that counteract your skin issues.

A color correcting palette can be a great solution if you want multiple shades in one convenient package, or if you have multiple imperfections that one shade of concealer won’t correct. Now that you know how to find the perfect palette for your skin, browse our selection at LaLa Daisy and find your skin’s new best friend.

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