Tips on How To Use Dry Shampoo: You Might Be Using it Wrong

The Better Way To Use Dry Shampoo

Learning how to use dry shampoo is like a revelation. A hair care product that can stretch your blowout another day and make you look like you are fresh from the shower? Count us in!

Available in powder or aerosol form, dry shampoo has a cult following because it can absorb excess oil, giving your hair a fresh boost of volume in the process. It can also give your hair a rest from heat styling, making it a healthy choice for those days that fall in between shampoo and styling.

Of course, you may not get those kinds of results if you are not using dry shampoo correctly. Want to know how to use dry shampoo? These tips and tricks can help you have more good hair days instead of ponytail and hat days.

Keep Your Distance

Our first tip when learning how to use dry shampoo is that, closer is not better when it comes to dry shampoo. When you apply it in aerosol form, be sure to position the spray nozzle a good six to ten inches from your scalp. Aim for an even distribution around your head and not just along your part.

UNITE Hair 7 Seconds Refresher Dry Shampoo 3 oz Product Front View

Section It Off

Make it easier on yourself by spraying dry shampoo on one area of your hair at a time. Divide your hair into three or six sections, applying as you go, so that you have more uniform coverage of dry shampoo on your scalp.

Have a Massage

Remember, the dry shampoo is there to absorb your excess oil. After you apply it, give it a minute or two to rest, then gently massage it into your scalp. Use your fingertips and focus on your roots to help it do its thing.

Go to Sleep

This tip may not be as effective for curly tops who may look a little wild when they wake up, but for people with thin, flat hair, try using dry shampoo before you go to bed.

With that time overnight to soak up oil from your roots, your hair can look fresh and ready for the day. Be sure to massage your scalp again before you brush.

Up Your ‘Do

Dry shampoo can also add a bit of texture and grip to your hair. What does that mean for intricate styling or updos? It is another layer of hold from the inside out for braids, twists, and other styles.

That’s right: dry shampoo can do more than just freshen up your day-old hair. Try it on fresh hair for those special occasions.

Find Your Faves

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Now that you have the knowledge, it is time to get the tools. Visit LaLa Daisy for the best dry shampoos at great prices and join the legion of believers who have been skipping shower days right under your nose.