Ingredients to Look for in Top Skin Care Products for Rosacea

Ingredients to Look for in Top Skin Care Products for Rosacea

When you suffer from rosacea, skin care can be frustrating. Many, if not most, of the products in the beauty aisle will irritate your skin, and it can be even harder to find makeup that will conceal the redness, but not add to the problem.

Here at LaLa Daisy, we want to help make your life easier. We’ve gathered a list of common ingredients that are known to irritate rosacea, plus those that may help calm and soothe your skin – these are the ones you should look for in top skin care products.

Plus, we’ve got some general tips for choosing healthy skin care products for your skin woes to keep the redness, inflammation, bumps, and other symptoms from rearing their heads.

Tips and Ingredients to Avoid in Facial Skin Care Products for Rosacea Sufferers

If you have rosacea, you know that certain triggers, such as particular foods and ingredients in products, can make your condition worse. These triggers can be different depending on who you are.

However, there are good general rules of thumb to follow if you have rosacea and use skin care products:

  • Stick to facial skin care products with a short and sweet ingredient list. There will be a smaller chance that one of them will be an irritant, and if the formulation does irritate your skin, it will be easier to pinpoint the culprit and avoid it in the future.
  • Avoid these drying and potentially irritating ingredients:
    • Alcohol
    • Menthol
    • Fragrances
    • Propylene glycol
    • Glycolic acid
    • Witch hazel
  • Choose products that specifically state on the package that they are non-comedogenic (they won’t clog pores) or non-acnegenic (they won’t cause acne).

Specific Ingredients to Look for in Top Skin Care Products for Rosacea

For your rosacea, anything with soothing, calming, moisturizing, or healing properties will be beneficial for your skin. Look for water-based products with few ingredients, avoid those with preservatives and fragrances, and especially look out for these gentle ingredients in healthy skin care products:

  • Ceramides in moisturizers can help repair your skin’s natural barrier, which additionally helps it retain moisture.
  • For sunscreen, look for products that contain niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3 – an essential skin nutrient). This is another ingredient that may help heal and reinforce your skin’s natural barrier, which in turn helps fend off redness and irritation.
  • Natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties can help calm and soothe your skin. Top skin care products with components like green tea, chamomile, lavender oil, and honey are good bets. However, make there aren’t too many other ingredients in the product, and avoid natural ingredients that are drying, like witch hazel and eucalyptus oil.
  • For makeup, stick to foundations and concealers with simple ingredients. Mineral makeup is a great option for rosacea, as the formulations can actually soothe redness and cover it effectively. Mineral makeup also covers well with less product, so it won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a mask.

If you have rosacea, there are great facial skin care products out there that can help calm down your skin and keep it healthy and moisturized. Shop our wide selection of gentle products for every skin type at LaLa Daisy.

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