Five Sensitive Skin Beauty Must-Haves

Five Sensitive Skin Beauty Must-Haves

Five Sensitive Skin Beauty Must-Haves

Having sensitive skin can be a real hassle. You never know which soap, cleanser, makeup, or lotion is going to irritate your skin and identifying which brands are best for your needs can be a long and complicated process. Thankfully LaLa Daisy is here to connect you with great sensitive skin care products from leading brands known for catering to people just like you. If you are trying to assemble your collection of sensitive skin beauty essentials – or if you are looking to replace some products that are not working as well as you hoped – we have some great suggestions. These are five of our favorite must-haves for anyone with sensitive skin.


Cleansers and makeup removers are among the most essential of all beauty products – and they are also some of the products most likely to cause problems for people with sensitive skin. The harsh ingredients included in some drugstore health and beauty products can case redness, peeling, itching, swelling, and other symptoms of skin irritation. What is to be done?

Do not give up on cleansers altogether; there are several options you can try. Begin by looking for products formulated for sensitive skin, such as Vanicream Free and Clear Liquid Cleanser. Products like these are most likely to be formulated without the ingredients most associated with skin irritation. Soothing, natural cleansing ingredients are selected to gently lift away dirt, oil, and makeup and wash them away. Your skin is left feeling clean and refreshed, not dried out.


Moisturizing products like PCA Skin Hydrating Serum are designed to put back in your skin what the daily grind takes away. Most people choose to moisturize immediately after using a nightly cleanser because even the gentlest cleanser has the potential to leave skin feeling a little dried out. This is because your facial skin needs a little bit of oil to feel supple and protected; your skin naturally produces a protective oil but a moisturizer will return it to balance much faster.

Look for a light, non-greasy moisturizer. These products will put essential healing nutrients and hydration back into your skin.


A good antiperspirant deodorant is going to help you feel comfortable and confident every day – but not if it irritates your skin. Look for deodorant that is especially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. Sometimes looking at a selection of natural products is helpful; the aluminum contained in many conventional deodorants and antiperspirants can cause itching or a slight rash in people with especially sensitive skin. There are many great products that are aluminum-free that still grant exceptional odor control.


In some ways, makeup can be the most frustrating of all products to shop for if you have sensitive skin. Drug store brands in particular are notorious for having ingredients that make your skin feel itchy or rubbed raw. Take a look instead at the extra-fine powder in products like gloMinerals Blush. Finely milled powders go on smooth and have a very natural appearance. Plus, gloMinerals is filled with skin-friendly antioxidants!

Once you find skin-friendly cosmetics and health products, you will have an arsenal at your disposal. Let your skin breathe easy with products designed just for your skin type.

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