Eyebrow Shaping Kits, Pencils and Powders for Those Brows on Fleek

Eyebrow Shaping Kits, Pencils and Powders for Those Brows on Fleek

It’s a good year for eyebrows. We’re loving brows in all their shapes, colors and fullness. Eyebrows today are bold, beautiful and perfectly sculpted. But getting that picture-perfect look is a skill that requires a little practice and some great tools.

Eyebrow kits are flying off the shelves because many of us need just a little help achieving the desired look. Not only do kits contain everything you need to perfect your brow game, they fit in perfectly with your existing makeup collection without unnecessary duplication.

Once you have the eyebrow kit, what next? Here we break down the look that has got us all taking a second look at our eyebrows.

What Is In an Eyebrow Shaping Kit?

Brow buddy eyebrow shaping tool in pink

The Brow Buddy from Billion Dollar Brows helps you create your perfect eyebrows, rather than a stenciled set that doesn’t necessarily fit your face.
The brilliant Take Back Your Brows kit from Billion Dollar Brows includes one of the handiest tools we have ever seen for creating perfectly sculpted brows.

One common obstacle in achieving this target look is failing to achieve perfect symmetry; the arch and the point of each eyebrow need to match precisely in order to look truly on fleek.

This is where the Brow Buddy comes in. Say goodbye to generic stencils. This specialized tool lets you easily create a perfectly matched set of brows with an arch in the perfect place to flatter your appearance.

If you are looking for a complete eyebrow shaping kit, Billion Dollar Brows has brought together some of our favorite tools into one bargain-priced collection. The Take Back Your Brows kit includes:

  • Brow Buddy sculpting tool
  • Universal Brow Pencil
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors

You might add to your own eyebrow kit with highlighters, mousse and brow primers and conditioners to enhance the perfect curve of your eyebrows.

Brow Pencils, Powders, Brushes and Highlighters

If you’re like us, you probably have a eyebrow pencil or two in your cosmetics case. These are used to fill in the small gaps of one’s brow line, including natural bald spots or areas of over-tweezing. People with light blond hair often use an eyebrow pencil to darken their brows since their natural arches may not be highly visible.

Although standard eyeliner pencils can be used for brows, many people prefer using a specialized product such as the Precision Brow Pencil from gloMinerals. This two-sided pencil and spooly brush combo features a richly colored pencil point and a precision brush to nudge your brows into position. Just pick a pencil color that suits your features and you are good to go.

Brow powders, loose or pressed, or a non-metallic eyeshadow shade can be used instead of pencils to create an even coloration throughout each brow. They can be used with brushes made especially for brows. A brow brush and powder can result in a softer look that is nonetheless very flattering. Brushes are also used to smooth and blend the pigment applied with a pencil.

Finally, highlighters help emphasize the bone structure of your brow line. This creates a lifted, youthful appearance. Highlighter pencils made for brows are a simple addition to your daily highlighting routine that come with a high-volume effect.

Your Ticket to Great Brows

Bold, beautiful eyebrows can be achieved easily when you have the right eyebrow tools and products. Take a look today and see what a difference eyebrow shaping kits can make.

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