Stay Refreshed With Mint and Eucalyptus

Stay Refreshed With Mint and Eucalyptus

Aromatic and refreshing, all of our mint home and body products add some zest to your life and keep you looking and feeling great with the essences of spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Enliven your senses by using a peppermint candle or mint lip gloss this season.

There are many ways that aromatic botanicals add color, scent, and healing to our world. At LaLa Daisy, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to beautify, renew, and relax. Here are the top benefits of our products that use natural essences from the mint family.

Spearmint: Soothing

Spearmint is a prime natural ingredient in Glotherapeutics Clear Complexion Pads that stops irritation of the skin. It is also a wonderful ingredient in many moisturizers because of its soothing properties that allow the skin to attain a smooth texture and clarity.

Glotherapeutics clear complexion pads

Peppermint: Cool and Comforting

Peppermint has been known of and used since ancient times, and has even been used as currency. Its many positive effects include lessening stress and fatigue, dissolving body tension, and delivering a refreshing taste in foods. Peppermint aroma can help dissipate nausea and support decongested airways.

Wake up Your Body and Mind

Mint adds a tingle to the natural cleansing and conditioning of the hair which stimulates the scalp. The tea tree oil and natural herb essences work to give damaged hair natural shine and volume.

Get Luxurious

Want to give your feet a luxurious treat that will leave them cool and comfy? Try a mint cream for a hydrating and cooling lotion treatment. In addition to the rich moisture of shea butter, mint cools the feet down while lavender and arnica oils soothe and purify.

Take it With You

Refresh on the go with mint lip gloss whenever your lips need a hydrating pick me up. One of our offerings from COOLA is their Liplux Lip Balm in Vanilla Peppermint. This tasty flavor combo protects your lips from the effects of the sun with 15 SPF, and stays on for up to 80 minutes in the water, making it perfect for warm weather getaways.

Eucalyptus: Relaxing, Yet Stimulating

How can it be that eucalyptus scent can be so relaxing, yet stimulating? This tree that is native to Australia, used in indigenous medicine, and is food for koalas is a real natural at multitasking. In the mid-1800’s, eucalyptus oil was discovered by the rest of the world for its benefits.

The aroma of eucalyptus is renowned to provide relief from de-congestion from colds and allergies. It does this by limiting the production of mucus in the sinuses and airways. Relief from head and chest congestion helps encourage rest and recuperation.

For Work or Play

Candles always seem to make the environment they are in more festive, and a eucalyptus candle especially evokes cheerfulness. What could promote a holiday party atmosphere more than an aromatic scent that puts everyone at ease? The properties of a eucalyptus candle actually make it a great accompaniment for work or play.

Have a big project deadline that you need to meet? Light an aromatic eucalyptus candle from Thymes and get to work. The scent will keep you focused and energized while relaxing your muscles and nervous system. If you are done working and taking a bath, light a candle to relax and emerge from the tub revitalized.

Thymes candle

Eucalyptus does this by subtly dilating your blood vessels so that your circulation is optimized. When your blood is circulating well, you are more likely to perform like the mental powerhouse you are.

At LaLa Daisy, we invite you to pick beauty and lifestyle products that encourage you to stay relaxed yet focused. We all look our best when we reap the benefits of a centered outlook on life. Natural aromatics support this and make our lives more calm and grounded.

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