Collagen Creams, Masks and Serums for Rejuvenating Skin

Collagen Creams, Masks and Serums for Rejuvenating Skin

Collagen is a natural protein found in your body that protects your skin and gives it structure and strength. Collagen is the main component in hair and nails, but it is present throughout the smooth muscle tissues found in all of your major organs.

As you age, collagen production slows down, which weakens the cell structures and makes the skin seem thinner. Loss of collagen can cause wrinkles and saggy skin. Collagen is considered one of the best natural skin care ingredients available.

How Does Collagen Help Skin?

Adding collagen supplements to your skin care routine has many benefits. A collagen cream can:

  • Diminish wrinkles
  • Smooth fine lines around your lips and eyes
  • Improve your skin tone
  • Minimize scars
  • Moisturize and hydrate skin
  • Tone and firm skin

Collagen products are designed to integrate into your skin care routine. Use anywhere you would see wrinkles, such as around the lips and eyes. Don’t forget to use on your neck and décolletage, which often get overlooked but show that your skin is aging.   

Sources of Collagen

Commercial applications of collagen for skin typically come from two different sources, bovine or marine.

Bovine collagen is made from cartilage and bones of cows. This protein is practically identical to your own natural collagen, which is why it’s a popular supplement. Typically, bovine collagen is less expensive.

Marine collagen is made from the leftover parts of the fish that aren’t fit to eat, i.e., the bones, scales and skin. An advantage to marine collagen is its bioavailability.

Many experts weigh in on the debate over which type of collagen is the best. If you are sensitive to marine products like shellfish, you may want to choose bovine collagen. But both products have the same types of health benefits. It’s simply a matter of preference.  

Choosing the Right Skin Care Collagen Product

Your body has 28 different types of collagen. Type 1 is the most common and prevalent protein in the skin. This type of collagen should feature prominently in the product you’re choosing.

Collagen for skin can be found in many different products. Face masks are a product that help rejuvenate facial skin. A collagen skin mask can help you relax and repair and soothe skin.

Serums are a concentrated moisturizer. Generally, serums are thinner than creams and penetrate deeper into the pores to improve hydration and give your face a smoother texture.

Collagen creams work on the skin’s surface to improve moisture and fill wrinkles. Apply in the morning under makeup and at night to prevent the signs of aging on your skin.

Anti-aging products that include collagen may also include other ingredients to slow down the aging process, such as retinol, Vitamin C and E, tea extracts and peptides.

Collagen Products Available at LaLa Daisy

You’ll find a large assortment of collagen creams, face masks and serums made from marine or bovine collagen.

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Mask is designed to help rejuvenate the skin on your face and neck. Apply it to your face and leave it on for 8 to 10 minutes before gently washing it off.

Elemis Pro Collagen marine Mask

For your neck and bust, try the Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment to increase firmness and decrease crepe-like skin. Use morning and evening in addition to your face products.

Eye gel masks, like Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks, work on the delicate skin around the eyes. The eye mask is left on for about 20 minutes, giving you time to unplug and unwind before taking it off.

If your skin is deeply dehydrated, which often occurs during the winter months, Pevonia Power Repair Age Corrections Marine Collagen cream is a twice-a-day application designed to moisturize and repair damaged and dry skin.

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment combines the benefits of collagen with nourishing botanicals that visibly reduce aging. Use this product to target the fine lines that begin around the eyes.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Mask

Browse through our collection of skin care products to find the option that fits into your routine.

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