The Story Behind the Game-Changing Original BeautyBlender

The Story Behind the Game-Changing Original BeautyBlender

Products in the makeup world are endless. With so many choices, how do you know which to buy? Sometimes it depends on personal preference, but sometimes it comes down to quality.

For your makeup applicator, the answer is easy: the one-of-a-kind beauty blender. This spongy egg will please both your face and your wallet, and you’ll love it even more once you learn the story behind it.

Who Made the BeautyBlender?

The thanks go to celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. She began her career in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2002 that she came up with the idea of the egg-shaped makeup sponge applicator. The pink product hit the market the following year.

Why create yet another applicator with so many already out there? No product existed that could lay on makeup without leaving lines, smudges, or other prints. Tired of wasting time and makeup, Silva filled the need in the industry herself.

What Makes the BeautyBlender Different?

The BeautyBlender is made from a patented, latex-free material that soaks up water, making it full so your makeup stays on the outside of the sponge. The edgeless design means no lines of demarcation to blend in, as with brushes, fingers, and other types of sponges.

These traits reduce your application time to as fast as a minute and save you from using excessive amounts of makeup. Also, you don’t have to worry about watching video after video to improve your skills, because it’s simple enough to use no matter your experience level.

The unique product has won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award five times over the years. The micro mini, a tiny green version, has also won once.

How To Use the Original BeautyBlender

Even beginners can learn how to use the BeautyBlender correctly. Just remember wet, squeeze, and bounce. That is, wet the sponge with water before dabbing it in your makeup, hold it with a squeeze, and gently bounce it all over your face for a consistent look every time.

Besides using it to put on foundation, you can also use it for these other parts of your makeup routine:

  • Baking your face to set your makeup and highlight your features
  • Priming your lips fully for lipstick that lasts all day long
  • Making your eyebrows even by blending in concealer around the area
  • Creating smoky eyes without having to use multiple brushes

Remember, you can use both the round end and the pointy top to apply your makeup perfectly. What about if you’re allergic to dyes and want something chemical free? Look no further than the BeautyBlender Pure Blender, a white variation of the original BeautyBlender that protects sensitive skin.

Beauty Blender Pure Blender

How To Clean Your BeautyBlender

This makeup sponge applicator is reusable, as well, so you don’t have to spend money on replacements. However, make sure you follow the proper cleaning routine to ensure it lasts you a long time.

  1. Wash it with water and BeautyBlender cleanser. You can choose the liquid or solid soap variety.
  2. Let it air dry on top of the canister it came in. This prevents bacteria from growing on it.
  3. Store it inside the canister once it’s completely dry. Leaving it on your bathroom counter or in your makeup bag makes it dirty again.

Don’t fall for the myths of microwaving or bleaching it to kill germs. These methods will only ruin your favorite makeup applicator.

Try These Other Types of BeautyBlender Sponges

While the original BeautyBlender can do wonders, additional products are available for specific needs. For example, the BeautyBlender Micro Mini is best for small areas and precise application.

           Beauty Blender

If you’re searching for a better blotter to remove oil from your skin without ruining your look, then the Blotterazzi is for you.

No matter how much you love makeup, sometimes it can be frustrating to put on when you don’t have products that perform up to par. Make your routine fun again by checking out the entire BeautyBlender collection here at LaLaDaisy.

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