Why Is Collagen So Popular? Collagen Treatments and Supplements at LaLa Daisy

Why Is Collagen So Popular? Collagen Treatments and Supplements at LaLa Daisy

Are you a label reader? You might spot collagen on the ingredient label of some cosmetics, or you may find it at the drug-store, next to your vitamins. You’ve likely read about actresses and models who use collagen cream or have collagen injected into wrinkles, or you might know someone who has tried it.  

If you haven’t considered the benefits of collagen for skin yourself, you will once you know more about it. So, why is collagen so popular? As an ingredient in both beauty products and injections, collagen plumps out wrinkles and plumps up lips to give you a more youthful appearance.

These cosmetic advantages are more than enough to make it a part of every woman’s beauty routine, but it has internal benefits, too. Collagen supports your body’s cell renewal process, which is at the heart of both looking and feeling young.

What Is Collagen?

Your body produces collagen; it is a protein that helps build and maintain tendons, bones and ligaments, blood vessels, organs and more. It is abundant throughout the body, including in your skin, where it lends a supple feel and helps generate new skin cells.

Unfortunately, the body slows production of this important protein as you age. This loss results in decreased cartilage, weaker muscles and joints, and sagging skin and wrinkles.

While it can’t slow the aging process itself, collagen can help slow the signs of it. Boosting the body’s collagen amounts can help make skin stronger, softer and firmer.

Where Is Collagen Found in the Skin?

Your largest organ, the skin has the essential function of protecting you from an environment that’s not always healthy. The skin has three primary layers: the outermost is the epidermis; the middle is the dermis, where collagen tissue lives; and the innermost is the hypodermis.

Which Type of Collagen is the Most Effective?

There are a variety of different collagens, and each has a specific role in the body. They make up three basic types:

  • Type I: The main component of skin, nails, hair, bones and ligaments
  • Type II: Relating to cartilage
  • Type III: A more fibrous protein in teeth, bone, tendon and additional connective tissues

Type I is the most effective type for combating lines and wrinkles and smoothing skin. Collagen peptides derived from fish are the most beneficial in boosting the quality of skin, hair and nails.

Marine collagen carries the power of antioxidants to prevent damage and repair delicate skin around the eyes. Pevonia Power Repair Age Correction Marine Collagen is a moisturizing collagen cream that is guaranteed to improve firmness and elasticity.

Pevonia Power Repair

Does Collagen Prevent Hair Loss?

Research has proven that collagen increases and helps maintain the amount of hair-building proteins in your body. These additional proteins support and stimulate hair to grow while preventing its loss.

They also limit the appearance of white or gray hair by maintaining healthy hair follicles, which produce your natural hair pigment, or color. If you have dry, brittle hair, collagen supplements are known to be very effective in helping hair maintain a healthy moisture level.

When Is the Best Time to Take Collagen Supplements?

If collagen is the body’s super-protein, glycine is its super-amino acid. This component of collagen imparts an array of health benefits, including helping you get better sleep at night.

Among its many benefits, glycine boosts memory and mental sharpness, prevents muscle loss, stabilizes blood sugar and helps protect your skin from signs of aging. Take supplements at night with a cup of tea and sleep like a baby again!

Does Collagen Help With Breakouts?

While it’s not a topical treatment to prevent acne, collagen can help your skin recover from acne much quicker. Adding collagen as a dietary supplement can help strengthen and support chemicals in your immune system that work to calm acne flare-ups and heal the skin from old acne spots.

Think of acne as a small wound or cut, which opens the skin when it bursts, just like a cut. Your immune system sends volumes of collagen to the wound site to help create a framework for a variety of chemicals to seal the wound, fight the infection and repair the skin.

Does LaLa Daisy Offer Collagen Products?

You bet we do! LaLa Daisy has a selection of products featuring this super-protein, including marine collagen eye treatments, supplements, liquid collagen and more.

Dietary supplements work from the inside out to restore a more youthful look. Image Skincare YANA Daily Collagen Supplement is a collagen drink with a powerful combination of collagen peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins to stimulate and maintain collagen production.

Yana Collagen

Open your eyes and say “Ahh” to the effects of Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask. This treatment works quickly to refresh the eye area and give skin a younger look.

LaLa Daisy gives you a variety of options for boosting your collagen levels and appearing younger. Look through our catalog for skin treatments and supplements, as well as other cutting-edge beauty products.

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