Are You Ready to Add Metallic Colors to Your Makeup Collection?

Are You Ready to Add Metallic Colors to Your Makeup Collection?

Metallic makeup colors – especially eyeshadows – have been among the very hottest fall and winter trends. Not only can metallic eyeshadows add real pizazz to a daily look without requiring that you spend a lot of extra time and effort, you can use these colors and color correcting makeup to strategically create depth and eye-catching beauty . If you are ready to dive into the world of metallic makeup but are not sure where to start, the Lala Daisy team has some great advice for you along with our unrivaled selection of top skin care products.

Shop Around for the Colors You Like Best

To satisfy the increasing appetite for beautiful metallic colors, makeup companies have been releasing many interesting products. Whether you shop at the drug store or at the expensive department store counter, you can bet that your favorite makeup brand has released several awesome eyeshadow palettes, individual colors, and other options. This means that there is a wealth of makeup to choose from, including colors such as:

  • Pearl white
  • Blushing pink
  • Steely grey
  • Slate blue
  • Reddish-bronze
  • Shining taupe
  • Copper red
  • Bold bronze
  • Bright gold
  • Dark gold

It can be a good idea to start with the brands you are most familiar with but if you find that these are not giving you the variety or excitement you desire, try looking at colors from brands of parallel quality. There are likely several makeup brands offered at a similar price point to your favorites; start there first. You might also try stepping out of your comfort zone and shopping purely on color. Makeup companies producing relatively inexpensive products can have a surprising variety of options to choose from. Trying these out will get you familiar with other brands out there and let you experiment with colors cheaply. Also, never be afraid of looking at makeup from companies that charge more than you usually wish to spend. Because eyeshadow is some of most affordable makeup in any line, you can augment your collection with stunning collections like the gloMinerals Smokey Metallic Eye Kit for a real bargain.

Thankfully, buying individually colors and trying them out is pretty affordable. You will probably learn pretty quickly what you like and dislike.

Combining Metallic Options With Other Colors – or Not

Many people are unaware that the most exciting looks with metallic makeup are achieved by layering two different makeup products together. A base color that complements the chosen metallic is applied first; next, the metallic color is applied to the top. This results in a very rich, saturated appearance without looking caked on. If you only want to purchase a single metallic color, look for one that complements your skin tone – silver, gold, or copper is usually chosen – and then combine that with your favorite eyeshadow or highlight to create a range of different looks; be sure to use color correcting makeup to achieve a flawless appearance.

Metallic makeup is a lot of fun to use. Once you get the hang of it, you will discover many different creative applications. Enhance your makeup collection today with beautiful metallic options from Lala Daisy.

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