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Soothing Sunburn

Soothing sunburn, Young pretty woman applying sun cream and touch own face.

A little too much sun can leave your skin suffering. Soothing sunburn with the right products and treatments is important to your skin health. Here is how to care for your skin when the sun’s got the best of you. Soothing Sunburn is Important -But Sunburn Prevention Comes First Sunburn can be very painful and [Read More…]

BB Cream – The Summertime Cover Up Solution

The Summertime Cover Up Solution

When it’s hot you’ve got to lighten up; that goes for skin care too. Here are our favorite lightweight skin care and summer-friendly BB cream makeup products. BB Cream and Why Your Need It This Summer Many people are confused when they first hear about BB cream. Is it a foundation? Is it a cover-up? [Read More…]

Long Lasting Lipstick – The Secret Revealed

woman by mirror holding lipstick

Eating, kissing, chatting on the phone. There are many behaviors we engage in each day that take away the lipstick we have painstakingly applied. But fear not, long lasting lipstick is still achievable. The secret to long lasting lipstick is in the application process. Here’s how to properly apply your lipstick when you need it [Read More…]

Bun Styles That Are Perfect for Summer

Sumer Bun Hair Styles -Beautiful woman posing beside the house with a pink wall

When summer days bring heat and humidity, it is time to turn to summer hairstyles. Sweeping your locks off your neck and shoulders is a surefire way to cool off. Here are some hot tips for summer bun styles. Bun Styles Are Versatile Different hairstyles give you the chance to change your look depending upon [Read More…]

Summer Makeup – Get The Perfect Summer Hues

Summer Makeup – Get The Perfect Summer Hues

Keeping your summer colors in the neutral, rose, or peach hues is the trick to keeping your summer makeup looking its best even when there are inclement or super-hot weather conditions. Here are our suggestions for some of the most-adored products. Summer Makeup For Your Pretty Pout Summer makeup choices start with your lips. Even [Read More…]

Hydrating Serums – Key To Summer Skin Care

Summer Hydration

While most people associate dry skin with winter, summer can be problematic too. Finding the right hydrating serums, sunscreen and other appropriate products transform your skin from troublesome to healthy. Here are our favorite must-have serums to add to your summer skin care routine, no matter your skin type. Hydrating Serums Have Focus We have [Read More…]

Summer Hair Care

Summer Friendly Hair Care

Summer hair can be challenging. Let’s look at some ways to keep your hair looking beautiful and sexy this year. Protecting your hair from the elements and keeping your hair looking its best go hand in hand. Here are some products that can bring your hair back to life this summer. Why You Need a [Read More…]