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Learn about the characteristics of Melasma, the causes, and the latest treatments from the experts at LaLa Daisy. Get information about concealing the dark blotches with skin care products or cosmetics and how hormonal changes can play a factor.

Even Out Your Skin Tone With the Best Products for Melasma

Best Products for Melasma

Melasma is a form of skin discoloration that is often caused by hormonal changes. The best products for melasma work by lightening the color of these dark patches. As discoloration starts to fade, melasma becomes easier to conceal with the right makeup products. Learn more about the leading treatments for this potentially unsightly but typically [Read More…]

Your Simple Skincare Routine for Melasma

Skincare Routine for Melasma Image

Are you wondering if you’ve adopted the right skincare routine for melasma? If your skin isn’t responding the way you would like it to, you may need to adjust a few things. Melasma can be a tricky skin condition to manage properly, but once you have the right routine, you should start to see a [Read More…]

Hydrating Serums – Key To Summer Skin Care

Summer Hydration

While most people associate dry skin with winter, summer can be problematic too. Finding the right hydrating serums, sunscreen and other appropriate products transform your skin from troublesome to healthy. Here are our favorite must-have serums to add to your summer skin care routine, no matter your skin type. Hydrating Serums Have Focus We have [Read More…]