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Get the latest hair care and styling tips and trends from the experts at LaLa Daisy. Learn the best simple styles for long hair, the best products for curly hair, and scalp care tips. We’ll help you maintain strong, shiny, and healthy hair.

Choosing the Best Fine Hair Products for a Voluminous Look

The Best Fine Hair Products for a Voluminous Look

For some women, thin, fine hair can seem like a curse. If you have this specific hair type, you likely deal with flat, dull or oily-looking strands on a regular basis. Fortunately, with the right fine hair products, you can enjoy luscious volume, healthy shine and stronger strands for a stunning look. How to Select [Read More…]

Revealing the Best Curly Hair Care Secrets

The Best Curly Hair Care Secrets image

Waves, kinks, bumps, ringlets…these are all ways that people describe their curly hair. Whether your curls are loose and voluptuous or tight and coarse, you want yours to look their bounciest with the best curly hair care. The thing about curly hair is that is that it can go from fabulous to frizzy in a [Read More…]

The Best Tips for Kinky Hair Care

Tips for Kinky Hair Care image

Kinky hair needs tender, loving care. This type of hair is delicate and prone to dryness. Discover the best tips for kinky hair care, from gentle cleansing and moisturizing recommendations to ways to reduce damage during styling. It may be possible to reduce damage, dryness, frizz and shrinkage for kinky hair that looks and feels [Read More…]

Choosing the Best Wavy Hair Products for Your Hair

The Best Wavy Hair Products for Your Hair image

If you’ve been blessed with wavy hair, it can be challenging to find the right products, tools and techniques to add definition and shine to your waves. When shopping for the best wavy hair products, you’ll want to search for items that won’t weigh your hair down while still providing the right amount of moisture [Read More…]

The Best Products for Straight Hair to Add to Your Routine

The Best Products for Straight Hair image

Having straight hair might seem simple, but it can be anything but. For a healthy, voluminous look and feel, you need to shop for the best products for straight hair and add them to your routine. Fortunately, LaLa Daisy can help you find everything you need for unique hair type. The Best Products for Straight [Read More…]

Our Favorite Dry Shampoo for Fresh-Looking Hair Fast

Dry Shampoos for Fresh-Looking Hair Fast. Image of young lady

Dry shampoo is the best product to use when you need to refresh and extend the look of any style. These formulas have risen in popularity as more and more busy people seek out quick solutions to keep hair looking fresh. Find out more about four of the best dry shampoo products that are currently [Read More…]

Protect Your Hair (It Will Love You For It)

Protect Your Hair image

Using heat tools at high temperatures without first applying products to protect your hair can cause lasting damage. Direct exposure to high heat can damage the hair shaft and have visible effects on the structure and texture of strands. Use any of these six products or similar formulas to reap the rewards of taking the [Read More…]

Embrace the Lockdown Length: Best Styling Products for Men’s Long(er) Hair

Best Styling Products for Men’s Long Hair Image

Are you one of the many men who gave up going to the salon or barber shop for regular haircuts at the start of the pandemic? What began out of an abundance of caution has resulted in some seriously long locks after months spent working from home. As gorgeous as your new length is, do [Read More…]

How To Get Rid of Greasy Hair

How To Get Rid of Greasy Hair Image

If you have fine hair, you’ve probably noticed its tendency to get oily. You may even be wondering how to get rid of greasy hair. Fortunately, you can prevent excess oil by understanding what creates it in the first place. Once you know the important role oil plays in keeping your scalp and hair healthy, [Read More…]

How to Use Purple Shampoo For Blond Hair (Even If Your Hair Color Isn’t Blonde)

How to Use Purple Shampoo image

Have you been curious about purple shampoo for blonde hair, but you are not quite sure how to use it or what it can do? Purple shampoo is not a salon treatment that requires an appointment with a stylist, but rather, it is a product you can use at home when your hair color needs [Read More…]