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If you’ve been blessed with natural straight hair, you don’t automatically get a free pass on maintaining good hair care habits. While straight hair may seem simpler to clean, cut and style, it still takes the right approach and the right products to keep it fabulous. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of living with natural straight hair so you can keep your tresses looking their absolute best!

How To Repair Frizzy Straight Hair

How To Repair Frizzy Straight Hair

While frizz and flyaways can be major issues for curly hair, straight hair is just as susceptible to these types of problems. If you struggle with frizzy straight hair, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your daily hair care routine. Fortunately, with some simple changes, you can experience fantastic results for smooth, sleek tresses [Read More…]

How To Style Long Straight Hair

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Long straight hair lends itself to many classic looks and is fairly simple to take care of. With a thoughtful beauty regimen and the right cut, you can rock a gorgeous hairdo every day of the week. To get the hair you’ve been dreaming of, just follow these four steps. 1. Take Care of Your [Read More…]

The Best Products for Straight Hair to Add to Your Routine

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Having straight hair might seem simple, but it can be anything but. For a healthy, voluminous look and feel, you need to shop for the best products for straight hair and add them to your routine. Fortunately, LaLa Daisy can help you find everything you need for unique hair type. The Best Products for Straight [Read More…]

Our Favorite Dry Shampoo for Fresh-Looking Hair Fast

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Dry shampoo is the best product to use when you need to refresh and extend the look of any style. These formulas have risen in popularity as more and more busy people seek out quick solutions to keep hair looking fresh. Find out more about four of the best dry shampoo products that are currently [Read More…]

Straight Hair 101

Straight Hair 101

Of all hair types, straight hair may be one of the most coveted. Those who don’t have it may spend time and effort trying to achieve it. Those with naturally straight hair, however, have to know how to treat it properly to get the most out of it.