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Learn about the best Rosacea skin care routine and makeup products from the experts at LaLa Daisy. Get information about the characteristics of Rosacea, the causes and product recommendations.

Best Rosacea Skin Care Regimen for Your Complexion

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Rosacea is a common condition that affects the skin and causes redness due to broken blood vessels near the skin’s surface. It’s important to adopt the best rosacea skin care regimen if you have this condition so that you don’t unintentionally exacerbate your skin. In addition to redness, rosacea can also cause small, pus-filled bumps [Read More…]

Redness Be Gone. How to Use Makeup for Rosacea

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Does the tone and texture of your skin seem to change every day? If you have rosacea, you are all too familiar with the redness and inflammation can show up without much warning. Learning how to use makeup for Rosacea can help. Having a daily makeup and skincare routine can be a challenge, but if [Read More…]

Makeup Tips on How To Cover Up Face Psoriasis

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Facial psoriasis is a skin condition that causes one or multiple patches of thick, red and dry skin on the face. The condition is chronic, which means that it is an ongoing, long-term condition that may be covered up if you use makeup for psoriasis skin. Facial psoriasis can involve the skin anywhere on the [Read More…]